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December 9, 2016

What’s on the Paint Desk

its another week and another ‘Whats on the Paint Desk’ so today my paint desk continues the theme for the last month which is of course ‘Conan’ and has the following models on it:- Skuthus – the unnamed necromancer – I’ve only started this one so expect to see it finished later this week The


Conan – Hunting the Tigress Scenario

Last night myself and good chum Steve got together to play another game of Conan. we decided to play the Hunting the Tigress senario as it would allow me to use my newly painted figures, plus it uses the boat map with is my favourite one in the set this is the setup for the

Conan – Our First Game

Last night saw myself and good mates Mark and Steve play Conan for the first time, we decided to play the first scenario in the book ‘In the clutches of the Picts’ The scenario is designed for 4 players with 1 player taking on the role of Overlord (and controlling the Picts) whilst the other

Llardiff – October 15th at Firestorm Games

On October the 15th one of the UK’s most respected gaming companies; Too Fat Lardies will be visiting the South Wales Gaming Center at Firestorm Games to host a series of participation games showcasing some of their most popular rules. There will be 6 games on offer with each one being played twice starting around

Sunday Boardgame day at Firestorm Games

For the second weekend in a row a gang of us got together for a days gaming at Firestorm games, this week it was myself, Mark, Steve and Ty Ty brought along Scythe that he got in the Kickstarter. I have to say Scythe was completely different to anything I’ve ever played before,  the scope

Playing C&C Ancients

Tuesday is turning into Boardgame day as I usually drive over to visit my mate Mark and play something for a few hours. this week we decided to play Command and Colours: Ancients and I thought I’d share the games. normally we pick 1 scenario and play it twice (swapping sides after the first game)

Boardgame day

Yesterday myself and the Bond Brothers (Geoff and Steve) met up at Firestorm games for a day of gaming. originally we planned a big Sharp practice game but unfortunately a couple of people couldn’t make it so we decided to play some board games instead. first up was Command and Colours Ancients which Geoff was

Command and Colours Napoleonics

Yesterday I visited my good mate Mark for a game, as he wanted to show me Command and Colours. now I have to admit that I’ve never played any C&C game before (even though I have the Kickstarter version of The Great War) so I was looking forward to it. Mark being a wargamer at

Trip to Castle Gamers in Bridgend

whilst demoing Sharp Practice at Firestorm last month I got chatting to Richard an old mate of mine and he asked if I fancied doing a demo of the game at his local club. well emails were exchanged and last night saw me driving to the village of Coity to join the Castle Gamers on

Sword and Spear Fantasy

Yesterday I went to Firestorm games to introduce my mate Steve to Sword and Spear Fantasy, and also to playtest the new undead rules that Mark has written. we played a 500 point game of Elves v Undead with a good assortment of unit types included and as it the norm with me Steve won the

Geoff Bond, Mike Hobbs

Big Chain of Command game

last weekend myself and good mates, Mark, Ty, Geoff and Steve got together for a big game of Chain of Command at Firestorm games Geoff had agreed to run the game and he put together a scenario that allowed us to use my US infantry and Fallschirmjäger, Ty’s Heer and Steve’s US Paras. the game was


Painting Progress – Zaporavo

Its yet another Conan update and once again I’m working my way through the miniatures I got on the Kings Pledge core game, with today model being Zaporavo Zaporavo was a Pirate Captain that appeared in the 1933 short Story ‘The Pool of the Black One’ obviously he dies during a fight with our Barbarian hero

Painting Progress – Princess Yasmela

slowly I continue to paint up the miniatures in the Conan King Pledge I brought in the Kickstarter and today I have finished another one of the female characters Princess Yasmela appeared in one of the early Conan books ‘Black Colossus’ where she gives command of her army to Conan due to an intervention by

Painting Progress – Khosatral Khel

This is one of those models that I’ve wanted to paint up since I saw it appear in the Kickstarter, as its one of my favourite monsters in the whole Conan series. I talk of course of Khosatral Khel Khosatral Khel appeared in the 1934 story “The Devil in Iron” and is a Demon with skin the colour

Painting Progress – Zelata the Witch

I decided to have a hobby day today and have managed to finish off another hero (well a heroine really) in the form of Zelata the Witch and her wolf Zelata was a minor character from  ‘the Hour of the Dragon’ who aided Conan on his quest as is normal here are the 2 models

Painting Progress – Zogar Sag

Due to work I haven’t had much chance to do any painting so my output has slowed down a bit But I have managed to finish this little model, and its the Pictish Chieftain Zogar Sag. He appeared in  the short story ‘Beyond the Black River’ which was published in 1935. here we have the

Painting Progress – Bêlit

Bêlit was a character that appeared in Queen of the Black Coast, she is probably Conans first love and returned from the dead to protect Conan at the end of the story #SpoilerAlert – sorry but she dies in the end anyway this iconic character is described in the story as not wearing very much (except

Painting Progress – Belit’s Guards

After a little break, caused mainly by too much work and not enough time, I have finally finished the first unit of Allies ‘ Bêlit’s Black Corsairs’ or Bêlit’s Guards as they are know in the game these appeared alongside N’Gora in Queen of the Black Coast and being minions they obviously all died unfortunately I

Painting Progress – N’Gora

Like Day follows Night, I have completed 1 more hero from my Conan game and today it’s time for N’Gora N’Gora was a commander of Bêlit’s Black Corsairs and appeared in Queen of the Black Coast where his short lived career ended after he went mad and attacked Conan Like many (but not all) of the models

Painting Progress – Valeria

its another day and another Conan miniature is completed, this time its Valeria. I was looking forward to this miniature ever since I saw the early images last year, so when I got it out and primed it I was a little disappointed by the softening of some detail. Now this is not to say the

Painting Progress – Shevatas

I’ve finished off another one of the models from my Conan game and thought it was worth posting so this one is Shevatas who was a Zamoran thief and he appeared the short story  ‘Black Colossus’ where he sought to steal the treasure of Thugra Khotan’s tomb in Kuthchemes. here is the model in its bare


Whats on the Paint Desk

a little late again as I meant to post this picture yesterday anyway as of yesterday my paint desk mostly contained the following items Belit – who is nearly finished Zogar Sag the Pict chieftain Zelata and her pet wolf all of these are from the Conan game as you might have guessed


Whats on the Paint Desk

its Monday its 12 o’clock and that means its time for ‘Whats on the Paint Desk’ for yet another week today my paint desk contains lots of Conan minis, including: Belit – I decided to get some new flesh tones for this model as its mostly flesh N’Gora – He is nearly finished just the


Whats on the Paint Desk

I somehow managed to miss last weeks post of this feature so this week I’ve decided to post it on the correct day and not on Tuesday So Whats on the Paint Desk I hear you ask, well today we have:- a Crooked Dice miniature given to me by my mate Steve that I’m planning to


Conan – Part 2 – The Stretch Goals

Following on from yesterdays post where I unpacked the Kings pledge of Conan, today I’m opening the other big box I got which contains all the stretch goals. so yes dear reader if you did the Conan Kickstarter this box contains all the free stuff they gave you. First up here’s the box before its opened,


Conan – Part 1 – King Pledge

about 2 years ago I noticed a thread on Lead Adventure about a new board game called Conan and the designers were showing off pictures of the miniatures they wanted to include in the game, well I was hooked and when the Kickstarter started I was in. I did go a little mad on the


Command & Colors: Napoleonics

In July ago I played my very first game of C&C: Napoleonic’s that was put on by my good mate Mark (see here) and its fair to say I was hooked, so hooked that I went straight out and brought the Ancients games and then some expansions, plus Battlelore. Pretty much overnight I became a fan-boy of

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