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Friday, July 29, 2016

War of 1812 Cover Art – sneak peak

Just been sent this by Mr Clarke of Too Fat Lardies, its the cover of the War of 1812 campaign book I’ve been working on no other details yet on release date or cost, but I’m very excited so if you are interested in the War of 1812 and don’t yet own a copy of


Command and Colours Napoleonics

Yesterday I visited my good mate Mark for a game, as he wanted to show me Command and Colours. now I have to admit that I’ve never played any C&C game before (even though I have the Kickstarter version of The Great War) so I was looking forward to it. Mark being a wargamer at

Trip to Castle Gamers in Bridgend

whilst demoing Sharp Practice at Firestorm last month I got chatting to Richard an old mate of mine and he asked if I fancied doing a demo of the game at his local club. well emails were exchanged and last night saw me driving to the village of Coity to join the Castle Gamers on

Sword and Spear Fantasy

Yesterday I went to Firestorm games to introduce my mate Steve to Sword and Spear Fantasy, and also to playtest the new undead rules that Mark has written. we played a 500 point game of Elves v Undead with a good assortment of unit types included and as it the norm with me Steve won the

Geoff Bond, Mike Hobbs

Big Chain of Command game

last weekend myself and good mates, Mark, Ty, Geoff and Steve got together for a big game of Chain of Command at Firestorm games Geoff had agreed to run the game and he put together a scenario that allowed us to use my US infantry and Fallschirmjäger, Ty’s Heer and Steve’s US Paras. the game was

Matt Slade, Ralph Plowman, Geoff Bond, Steve Bond

More War of 1812 test games

this Thursday and Friday saw me trying out a scenario that might make it into the War of 1812 book I’m putting together for Too Fat Lardies. I don’t want to say too much about it as its still in the design phase but it involves one side who are low on supplies defending a

A walk in the countryside looking for cake

Being a report on the heroic advances of the Duke of Wheeling-Turn in the lands of the Elves By Mr. Hobbitson, chief war reporter of the Illustrated Londinium Tymes After many a long week spent chasing the scoundrel Mordred through the wilds of Armorica the Duke of Wheeling-Turn and his trusted second in command General

Another Sharp Practice playtest game

As yesterday was a Bank Holiday in the UK I took the opportunity to meet up with good mate Steve and have a game of Sharp Practice at Firestorm games. Steve is a fan of the Lardies rulesets but hadn’t played SP before so it was a chance for him to try out the new

War of 1812 – demo game

Yesterday I ran the first in what will be several demo games of Sharp Practice 2 for members of my club and I had 4 willing players who wanted to try out the rules. This also allowed me to start working on a scenario for the Too Fat Lardies event ‘OML4’ which is happening in Evesham in

Mike Whitaker, Nick Skinner, Neil Shuck

Visiting Lard Island – The Evening Game

This post continues on from my previous one here, it might be worth giving that a quick read through if you want a bit of background. After soundly thrashing Mr Clarke at his own game, I retired to my hotel to freshen up before being taken to the top secret TFL Research and Development center,


Command and Colours Ancients – Storage idea

Last week I sat down with my mate Mark and he introduced me to Command and Colours Napoleonics, well I really enjoyed the game and I really fancied getting my own game to play at home. Unfortunately the Napoleonic version is out of print but I knew there are a lot more games in this series so I

Reinforcements Arrive

my painter chap Gareth from ADC Painting has just delivered my latest order and I thought I’d post them here They are the latest figures for 1812 and include 12 x 41st Foot Grenadiers in Stovepipe shakos – this gives me 24 of these now so enough for 3 regular groups in Sharp Practice 24 x Canadian

Scratching that Vietnam itch

I’m in a period of flux at the moment, I’m just finishing one big project (my War of 1812 project) and I’m not sure what to do next, so instead of starting 1 thing, I’ve decided to do many little projects at once. my 20mm WWII German army is coming along nicely and I’ve nearly finished

Highland Commanders

Carrying on with the Highland theme from my last post I’ve spent the last few days repainting some command figures from the ones I brought last weekend actually what was going to be a quick touch up turned into complete repaints so it took a while, I also found a Mounted officer in my bits box so

Breathing New Life Into Old Figures

if you read my last post you would have seen that I picked up a few figures from the Firestorm games tabletop sale day and this week I’ve spent rebasing one of the purchases I made I got this lovely unit of 28mm Highland Infantry which had been based up for Black powder and I wanted to use

Painting 20mm Early War Germans

I’ve just started painting up some of Early War Miniatures 20mm Germans for new project I’m currently working on and thought I’d document the process in case anyone wants to use it the idea behind this project is to do some  games during the fall of France in 1940, which gives us the chance to use

Time for a Change

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll all say I am a flighty person when it comes to wargaming. I really can’t concentrate on 1 project for any period of time (hence the name of this blog) and I’ll swap around between rules, periods and genres at a moment’s notice. However, for the last 6

New Downloads Section

One of the things I want to do with this site is share documents that other people might be interested in, so I’ve created a ‘Downloads’ section in the top menu for this so far it only contains the Space Marine stats I came up with for Polyversal, but I’m hoping to extend it soon with

Plans and Distractions

I’ve come to the conclusion that I really shouldn’t make long term plans about wargaming as I always end up breaking them, usually within 5 mins. Take my plans for 2016 that I spoke about in the yearly Meeples and Miniatures roundup, I said that this year would be the year I got back into


What’s on the Paint Desk

Finally after many many weeks I’m actually able to post this weeks WotPD on time This is mainly because I haven’t really done much painting this week, but here we go Today the Paint desk contains the following figures : Firstly the old favourites 8 Footsore miniatures Great Northern War Swedes The second Freebooters Fate Raven


What’s on the Paint Desk

It’s Tuesday, it’s hot and it’s time for yet another ‘What’s on the Paint Desk’ Today the Paint desk contains the following figures : 8 Footsore miniatures Great Northern War Swedes – yeah these are starting to get a very dusty now The second Freebooters Fate Raven figure plus her pet bird on a pedestal – ditto


Painting Progress

Would you believe it, it’s yet another late Painting progress post ah well lets crack on with my weekly update, here’s what I’ve managed to finish this week 12mm Orcs – I’ve decided to add a new army for Sword and Spear Fantasy so I’ve dusted off the last of my Kallistra Orcs. OK I


Spearpoint 1943 Review

Recently I’ve been playing a bit of Spearpoint 1943 (Eastern Front) and I thought it would make a nice subject for a quick review. Spearpoint 1943 is a card based WWII game produced by Collins Epic Wargames and allows players to play a quick yet tactical game in about 45 mins. There are 2 versions


Whats on the Paint Desk

Time for another in my weekly series showcasing my paint desk Today the Paint desk contains the following figures : 8 Footsore miniatures Great Northern War Swedes – yeah these are starting to get a bit dusty now The second Freebooters Fate Raven figure plus her pet bird on a pedestal – ditto for this one


Painting Progress

its Monday which means I’m once again late for this weeks ‘Painting Progress’ this week I’ve been mainly painting…. Reaper Mouslings – brought from Annie at Bad Squiddo games earlier this year, I’ve just finished off the second pack of 3 Mouslings. They were;  The Archer, The Warrior and the Wizard and jolly nice they were


What’s on the Paint Desk

its another late post but life has been really busy recently, so please forgive me Today the Paint desk contains the following figures : 8 Footsore miniatures Great Northern War Swedes 6 War of 1812 American Militia – these have now been started The second Freebooters Fate Raven figure plus her pet bird on a pedestal


Painting Progress

Its been a bit of busy  week so my painting output is a bit low, but here’s a run down of what I’ve managed to complete Reaper Mouslings – I got a couple of packs of these back in January from Bad Squiddo Games and finally managed to paint up pack 1 which are the


What’s on the Paint Desk

A day later then normal but we are back with ‘Whats on the Paint Desk’ my weekly update on what I’m doing this week Today the Paint desk contains the following figures : 8 Footsore miniatures Great Northern War Swedes 6 War of 1812 American Militia The second Freebooters Fate Raven figure plus her pet bird


Painting Progress

Time for a quick run down of what I’ve painted over the last week before we celebrate a new ‘Whats on the Paint Desk’ this week I’ve painted this lot Salute 2016 ‘Madam’ model – This is the model that was given away at Salute this year, I managed to get hold of a copy via

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