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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Command & Colors: Napoleonics

In July ago I played my very first game of C&C: Napoleonic’s that was put on by my good mate Mark (see here) and its fair to say I was hooked, so hooked that I went straight out and brought the Ancients games and then some expansions, plus Battlelore. Pretty much overnight I became a fan-boy of


Llardiff – October 15th at Firestorm Games

On October the 15th one of the UK’s most respected gaming companies; Too Fat Lardies will be visiting the South Wales Gaming Center at Firestorm Games to host a series of participation games showcasing some of their most popular rules. There will be 6 games on offer with each one being played twice starting around

Sunday Boardgame day at Firestorm Games

For the second weekend in a row a gang of us got together for a days gaming at Firestorm games, this week it was myself, Mark, Steve and Ty Ty brought along Scythe that he got in the Kickstarter. I have to say Scythe was completely different to anything I’ve ever played before,  the scope

Playing C&C Ancients

Tuesday is turning into Boardgame day as I usually drive over to visit my mate Mark and play something for a few hours. this week we decided to play Command and Colours: Ancients and I thought I’d share the games. normally we pick 1 scenario and play it twice (swapping sides after the first game)

Boardgame day

Yesterday myself and the Bond Brothers (Geoff and Steve) met up at Firestorm games for a day of gaming. originally we planned a big Sharp practice game but unfortunately a couple of people couldn’t make it so we decided to play some board games instead. first up was Command and Colours Ancients which Geoff was

Command and Colours Napoleonics

Yesterday I visited my good mate Mark for a game, as he wanted to show me Command and Colours. now I have to admit that I’ve never played any C&C game before (even though I have the Kickstarter version of The Great War) so I was looking forward to it. Mark being a wargamer at

Trip to Castle Gamers in Bridgend

whilst demoing Sharp Practice at Firestorm last month I got chatting to Richard an old mate of mine and he asked if I fancied doing a demo of the game at his local club. well emails were exchanged and last night saw me driving to the village of Coity to join the Castle Gamers on

Sword and Spear Fantasy

Yesterday I went to Firestorm games to introduce my mate Steve to Sword and Spear Fantasy, and also to playtest the new undead rules that Mark has written. we played a 500 point game of Elves v Undead with a good assortment of unit types included and as it the norm with me Steve won the

Geoff Bond, Mike Hobbs

Big Chain of Command game

last weekend myself and good mates, Mark, Ty, Geoff and Steve got together for a big game of Chain of Command at Firestorm games Geoff had agreed to run the game and he put together a scenario that allowed us to use my US infantry and Fallschirmjäger, Ty’s Heer and Steve’s US Paras. the game was

Matt Slade, Ralph Plowman, Geoff Bond, Steve Bond

More War of 1812 test games

this Thursday and Friday saw me trying out a scenario that might make it into the War of 1812 book I’m putting together for Too Fat Lardies. I don’t want to say too much about it as its still in the design phase but it involves one side who are low on supplies defending a


Painting Progress 7TV Mad Science Cast

I’ve been chatting to my mates about playing some 7TV soon, probably using my Star wars figures I got with Imperial Assault and that reminded me that I had some figures for the game that I should paint up. You see when I ordered the 2nd edition boxset of 7TV I got the Mad Science Cast

7TV Future Freedom Fighters

Myself and a few mates have been chatting about playing 7TV recently and that got me thinking about resurrecting a long dormant project of mine and finally getting it on the table. a few years ago I started work on a small skirmish game based on a far future rebellion where a group of criminals

Small Miniatures on Big Bases

If you listened to episode 179 of Meeples and Miniatures, you would have heard Sam Mustafa talking about the game he’s currently playtesting called ‘Rommel’ and you might have picked up on the fact that I’d offered to do some playtesting for him Well the playtesting is going really well and the game is shaping

20mm Early War Germans for Chain of Command

the last few weeks has seen me working on my 1940 German army for Chain of Command in 20mm I did post about this project when I started it (see here) but for some reason I didn’t post anything when I completed the Core Force (expect that tomorrow) but anyway, I have already finished a

Painting Progress – British Rifles

You might remember a while ago I picked up a pile of Napoleonic figures at the last Firestorm games bring and buy and one of my purchases was some British Riflemen. Well they’ve sat on my table for ages awaiting some TLC and finally I got round to painting them up. Originally there were 14

15mm Skythians for Sword & Spear

A while ago I picked up a Skythian army from my mate Craig Thomson after I tweeted about getting a third army for my Ancient games. The figures came from Forged in Battle lovely War & Empire range which Craig got in the first FiB KickStarter, this suited me as I’d got Greeks and Early


Whats on the Paint Desk

It’s fair to say I’ve had a busy week, what with organising Llardiff and work getting in the way, however I have managed to get some painting done and my desk is looking pretty tidy so this week the only thing I have on my painting desk is:- A Pat Wagon for Judge Dredd, made by


Whats on the Paint Desk

its another late ‘Whats on the Paint Desk’ post but I’ve managed to actually paint something this week so its worth waiting for this week my paint deck contains the following miniatures Lots of 28mm Napoleonic French Infantry, these were painted by ADC Painting and are being based 7 Minions from Crooked Dice, I got


Whats on the Paint Desk

its Monday and time for another episode of this long running series currently I only have one thing that I’m working on which is a Pat Wagon for Judge Dredd, made by Mongoose Games that has been base coated and the blue shade is sorted Yes I know this is the same as last week


The End of an Era

This week saw the ending of a chapter in my wargaming life when I received my copy of Miniature Wargames with Battlegames issue 402. Issue 402 is the last one to be edited by that bastion of the UK wargaming scene Mr Henry Hyde and I have to admit to being very sad about it

From the Web

Heroes of Normandie, the Tactical Card Game

    Kickstarter project: 09/20/2016 – 10/12/2016 Now, it’s time to push the war to another scale! You will manage companies instead of platoons to conquer bigger battlefields.Unit tokens are replaced by cards, terrain tiles are replaced by maps. We introduce a new set of rules, but don’t worry, if you are familiar with Heroes of Normandie,


Whats on the Paint Desk

after a break last week I’m back on schedule and here’s this weeks Whats on the Paint Desk currently I only have one thing that I’m working on which is a Pat Wagon for Judge Dredd, made by Mongoose Games that has been base coated and the blue shade is sorted

From the Web

Too Fat Lardies

Reisswitz Press Prepares for Lift-Off – Lard Island News

It isn’t often that a new publishing house dedicated to historical wargaming is launched, but that is precisely what is about to happen as Reisswitz Press prepares to publish it’s first set of wargames rules, Pickett’s Charge by respected game designer Dave Brown, the man behind such classics as General de Brigade, British Grenadier and


Lack of updates

Sorry that I haven’t been update the blog for a few days but we decided to get another cat to join the 2 we had already one quick trip to the local cats protection league later and we had signed up to take not 1 but 2, so meet Monty who’s a little shy and

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