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April 22, 2021

Planetfall at Firestorm Games

Yesterday was my club night and I journeyed to Firestorm games to meet up with my mate Mark for a game of Planetfall. Mark had just put together 4000 points of Relthoza and was keen to try them out against my trusty Directorate so after a light dinner (club sandwich and chips) we sat down to play.

The game was really tight and time beat us before we got a conclusion but the 3 turns we played were a good laugh, with dodgy dice rolling on both sides and lots of twists and turns. I have to say the Relthoza are a nasty force to play against, their ability to drop troops behind your forces really keeps you focused on defense rather than attack and I got mauled by 3 spires dropping on me in turn 3. my one saving grace were my Aerial gunships that cleared up one flank and were having great fun destroying Marks rear line, I think if the game carried on they would have won it for me.

anyway here’s some pictures of the game, if you haven’t tried Planetfall I would give it a go check out the rules on Spartan Games website

IMG_20160317_185123 IMG_20160317_185105 IMG_20160317_185136 IMG_20160317_185147 IMG_20160317_202356

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