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May 13, 2021

Fort Hobbs

a few years ago I managed to get hold of a Grand Manner timber fort and its lain in a box half painted for far too long, so with my re-interest in the War of 1812 I thought it would be a good time to dig it out and finish painting it, I also decided to extend it a bit with some extra wall sections.

the paint job was very simple, it had a brown undercoat, a couple of highlights and a brown wash, the roofs were given a touch up with ModelMates moss liquid to break up the general browness of the model

so here it is in all its glory, all ready for a visit to Lard Island after Easter

DSCF5434 DSCF5435 DSCF5436 DSCF5437 DSCF5438 DSCF5439 DSCF5443

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