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May 8, 2021

Example forces for Sharp Practice 2

I’ve had a couple of people ask about army lists for the War of 1812 mod I’m doing for Sharp practice 2 and so I thought I’d post some info on the current plan

as Rich has explained in a recent post on Lard Island news the idea is for players to have a core force and then supplement this with extra units taken from a support list (similar to Chain of Command) and this is the format I’m going for. At the moment I have 6 or 7 different core forces for each side plus some new support lists but I need to playtest all of these and tweak them so I can see lots of changes being made over the next few months. but to give people an idea of what a standard core force looks like here’s a couple of examples

British infantry formation

This is a standard force and one that’ll be used in lots of games, it contains 4 leaders (1 lvl 3, 1 lvl 2 and 2 lvl 1) plus:-

  • 3 groups of regular infantry
  • 2 groups of Militia
  • 1 scout unit

DSCF5469 DSCF5470

American infantry formation

The American force is slightly different and represents the American army in the early part of the war when their leadership was not as good as it should have been, it also has 4 leaders but it has 2 lvl 2 leaders and 2 lvl 1 leaders, as also these troops:-

  • 3 groups of regular infantry
  • 2 groups of skirmishing infantry
  • 1 group of militia

DSCF5471 DSCF5472

as I said above these are liable to change before the book is released but hopefully it’ll give people an idea of what troops they need if they want to play the game

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