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February 24, 2021

War of 1812 British, Canadian and Indian Forces

Carrying on with the series on the War of 1812, this time I’m going to cover the British, Canadian and Indian forces I have painted up and ready to use.

if you haven’t read my previous post on the American forces it might be a good idea to have a quick look at it as it covers group sizes and other general information

so lets begin with the British forces and specifically the 41st Foot as that’s the regiment I’m going to be writing the campaign book around. and first up are 3 groups of center company infantry, in their distinctive red faced jackets. These are a mix of Perry’s and Victrix plastic minis with no conversions at all, they are representing the 1st battalion of the 41st in Stovepipe shakos and white trousers. I’ve had them painted up by ADC Painting and I asked him to give them a campaign look with faded jackets and different coloured trousers

DSCF5456 DSCF5457 DSCF5455

Next up we have 2 groups of Grenadiers in 6 man skirmish groups, this might look strange to some people but in the War of 1812 flank companies were sometimes used in a skirmish role and the 41st Foot did have theirs separated off from the center companies and sent to another part of Canada. So you have the option to field your flank company troops in 8 man line groups or in 6 man skirmish groups.

DSCF5452 DSCF5453 DSCF5454

To complete the 41st Foot, we have the light company, and again I’ve got 2 groups of 6 skirmishers

DSCF5449 DSCF5450 DSCF5451

Moving onto the Canadian and I’ve painted up 2 groups of 10 Select Embodied Militia Infantry, these were drilled alongside the regular troops and were uniformed in the same uniforms. However due to shortages it was not unknown for their jackets to be made of green cloth and for them to be missing shako plates and plumes, these are all simple conversions from the Perry’s British infantry boxset

DSCF5458 DSCF5459 DSCF5460

Completing the Canadian units (for now) are a single 6 man unit of Glengarry Light Infantry, these are conversions from Perry’s riflemen and I’ve just changed them to be armed with muskets instead of rifles, the uniforms for the Glengarry was pretty much the same as the 95th riflemen so they are easy to convert.

DSCF5461 DSCF5462

you’ll notice I haven’t included any leaders in the photo’s, I wanted to keep them separate and do a group shot, so here’s a selection of Officers, NCO’s and musicians. the only uniform I’m not sure about is the militia drummer as I cant find any information on their uniforms, but as the militia were given green jackets I’ve carried on the theme with the drummer.

DSCF5463 DSCF5464 DSCF5465

finally we have the ubiquitous Indian allies for the British forces, there are 2 ways of fielding these troops, either as 6 man skirmishers where they act as local scouts, or as 12 man irregular infantry. I’m planning on including army lists for pure Indian forces based around the irregular troops to allow players the opportunity to play a slightly different Napoleonic battle. These models are all from Northstar’s FiW range, which may not be the correct type of Indians but they were ones I had in my collection so I might replace them in the future if they are not correct

here we have 2 12 man groups plus a few leaders to keep them motivated

DSCF5466 DSCF5467 DSCF5468


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