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May 8, 2021

Making Sabot Bases

I’ve been asked by a few people about how I do the sabot bases I’ve shown off in other posts, so I’ve decided to post a quick tutorial, these bases are really quick to do and you just need a few bits and some time

These are the things you need

  • sabot bases
  • PVA glue
  • sand
  • various paints
  • some flock


I buy all my Sabots bases from Warbases they are made from 2mm MDF and are laser cut, the sand and most of the paints come from Baccus’s basing system and its well worth picking up, and lastly my flock is a mixture of Woodland Scenics and GF9 flocks and scatter which I mix up before starting a project (I’ll probably do another post on this in the future)

Step 1 – Sand the Base

using PVA and a small brush just paint on a thin layer of glue and dip the base in your sand mix, try and cover most of the base but don’t worry if you miss any bits, try and keep away from the areas the bases fit. in this example I’m using Baccus fine basing sand, but any sand will do, once that’s done leave it to dry.

DSCF5476 DSCF5477

Step 2 – Undercoat the Bases

I use a spray to undercoat the bases, mine comes from B&Q but any brownish spray paint will do, this steps seals in the sand and gives you a nice base coat, again leave it to dry


Step 3 – Highlight

this step is all about building up the colour, I use the Baccus base coat and highlight colours and just lightly drybrush each colour in turn, I don’t bother painting the inserts but you can if you want

DSCF5480 DSCF5481 DSCF5482

Step 4 – Flocking

Final step is to flock the bases and maybe add some tufts, I use a mix of flocks that I make up in bulk, I’ll dig out the recipe and do another post about that but its basically a mixture of Woodland scenics basing material, and other flocks all mixed together. this is applied using PVA.

DSCF5483 DSCF5485

and thatis it, I don’t bother to varnish the bases but you can if you feel it needs protection

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2 Responses “Making Sabot Bases”

  1. Avatar
    March 28, 2016 at 7:59 am

    Look great – so multiples of 4 for foot and horse for SP2. Frontages largely irrelevant at this level. Will you remove casualties from the base, or use some kind of casualty marker? I like those skull markers from Charlie Foxtrot, we use them for Sword & Spear and Iron Cross (and They Dont Like it up em 2 when its done!).

  2. MikeH
    March 28, 2016 at 6:41 pm

    hi Mervyn

    regular Infantry and Cavalry are in groups of 8, I just did the cavalry in 4’s to make them easier to base up.
    I will remove casualties from the bases and use a small marker to track shock

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