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February 24, 2021

Deployment points for Sharp Practice 2

One of the new features in Sharp Practice 2 are deployment points which are used as entry points for your forces, players get at least 1 of these per side but some units give extra ones that add a bit of unpredictability to games (its all explained in this post from the Too Fat Lardies )

a few weeks ago I was bored and I decided to make some of these markers to use in my games, so here’s a very quick tutorial

to make some Deployment Points you’ll need the following:-

  • some spare bases – I used 60mm ones but use what you have hanging around
  • some stuff to put on top of the bases, I used a pile of things I had in my bits box, including
    • Some plastic barrels
    • wooden boxes
    • various packs left over from the last lot of infantry I made
    • flag poles again from some infantry boxes


to start I glued all the stuff to the bases, added some basing material (watered down wood filler and sand) and once it was dried I sprayed it all brown


then its just a simple case of painting them all and adding some flock

DSCF5384 DSCF5383 DSCF5382

I think this took about an hours work in total and they great on the table top

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