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May 8, 2021

Mike Whitaker, Nick Skinner, Neil Shuck

Visiting Lard Island – The Evening Game

This post continues on from my previous one here, it might be worth giving that a quick read through if you want a bit of background.

After soundly thrashing Mr Clarke at his own game, I retired to my hotel to freshen up before being taken to the top secret TFL Research and Development center, for the evening game. This was going to be a large one as 5 of Rich’s top playtesters were attending, as well as top wargaming glitterati Nick Skinner and the elusive Sidney Roundbottom, oh and let’s not forget my 2 Meeples and Miniatures chums Neil Shuck and Mike Whitaker, would also be playing the game.

So no pressure then

We set up a large table with the fort in pride of place and a few roads and farmsteads scattered around, a large open area was in the center of the table to give the regular troops somewhere to deploy.

The forces used in the game were:-

British Core force:

  • 3 units of regular infantry
  • 2 units of Canadian Militia infantry
  • 1 unit of scouts
  • 4 leaders

Plus the following support

  • 2 units of Indian warriors with leader each
  • 1 unit of Glengarry light infantry again with a leader


American Core force:

  • 3 units of regular infantry
  • 2 units of riflemen
  • 1 unit of militia
  • 4 leaders

Plus this support

  • 1 extra regular infantry unit
  • 1 extra militia infantry unit with leader
  • 1 unit of Militia cavalry with leader


So lots of leaders were involved in this battle and we also included 1 extra command token per side to give the players lots to think about.

The players sorted themselves into 2 sides like so

  • Wee Dougie.  Red Indians
  • Canadians
  • Mike W. British Regular
  • Biffo   US militia on the flank
  • Dr Daz. US rifles in the woods
  • US regulars
  • Neil S. US Cavalry

Rich ran the game, whilst myself Nick and Sid cheered on from the side and made notes.

Here’s the Tables before deployment


The game ran for about 2 ½ hours in total with the Indians pinning down the US riflemen on one flank, the US militia holding the other flank whilst the regular infantry slogged it out in the center. Eventually the pressure on the US troops was too much and they began to fall back, but not before the US cavalry commanded by Mr Shuck took to the field, out flanked the British and charged their rear.

here’s some pictures of the battle, as we all like pretty pictures

nick 2

The players take their positions

Mike2 nick4

The British move onto the table and open fire on some US militia hidden in the woods

nick 1

The US army appears in column

nick 3 nick5

Battlelines start to get drawn in the center and the Indian troops start applying pressure on the flank


the US cavalry finally appear and start a long flanking maneuver

I did point out to Neil many times that they were Scouting Cavalry and not that good in combat but he saw a tempting target and went for it. I’m sure you can guess what happened next……….



So it was a defeat for the Americans and a second win for the British that day.

We then packed up and adjourned to a local curry house for a few beers and a debrief

The game was really interesting, with lots of skirmish action on the flanks from the various light troops and a large musket duel going on in the center, it really captured the feel of the War of 1812 and with my notes all taken I can get on with the process of revising various units and tweaking the abilities the units have.

I have to thank Rich and all the chaps at TFL HQ for all the hospitality, and also my wonderful co-hosts at Meeples and Miniatures for travelling 100 miles to take part in a game.




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2 Responses “Visiting Lard Island – The Evening Game”

  1. Avatar
    April 3, 2016 at 2:59 am

    I am looking forward to seeing your 1812 booklet. I live in Western Michigan, where it appears that some of your adventure is taking place. If you haven’t, you might want to check out the battle for Mackinac (pronounced mack-in-aw) Island. The fort on the island controlled access to the western great lakes and the fur trade. The fort was built there following the capture Fort Michilimacanac (mish-il-a-mack-in-aw) by Indians in 1763 as a part of Pontiac’s Rebellion. Good luck on your project.

    • MikeH
      April 3, 2016 at 4:50 pm

      Thanks for the info I’ll look that one up, the campaign guide I’m working on is following the 41st Foot during the war but I might look to follow that up and do some guides to some of the other smaller battles that took place. as you know the War of 1812 is such an interesting period when you start investigating it

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