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April 22, 2021

Archives for April 2016

Meeples episode 170 – is released

My Lord and Master Mr Shuck (all praise him) has just released episode 170 of the podcast It’s here if you cant find it I’m looking forward to it as I haven’t listened to the interviews Neil and Dave got whilst at Salute, we did record a debrief (which obviously went on far too long)

Selling stuff on eBay

it’s not very often that I sell stuff but I’ve decided to thin the ranks a bit and get rid of anything that I know I won’t use. so the following items are currently on eBay if anyone is interested My Grey Knights force for 40K – all painted and all lovely – Auction is

War of 1812 – demo game

Yesterday I ran the first in what will be several demo games of Sharp Practice 2 for members of my club and I had 4 willing players who wanted to try out the rules. This also allowed me to start working on a scenario for the Too Fat Lardies event ‘OML4’ which is happening in Evesham in

Whats on the Paint Desk

After a few weeks of nautical fun its time to return to the War of 1812 and this week my paint desk contains 8 Caldwell Rangers from Brigade games   these are lovely sculpts from the hands of Paul Hicks and will make an interesting skirmish unit for my Canadian force unfortunately I managed to

Designing a Force for Polyversal – Part 2

In my last Polyversal post, I started describing how I’m putting together an army using my old Epic Space Marine figures. I showed in detail how a unit is put together so now I can show you the stats I came up with for the other units I want to use in the army. So

Heroes of Normandie – Gazette 5

Anyone who knows me fairly well will know I do like Heroes of Normandie by Devil Pig games, yes I know its a bit of a marmite game and a lot of people don’t like the game play or the artistic direction of the game, but I like it so there one of the things

Matt’s gaming page (Glenbrook Games): Proud to announce the first in a new line of embroidered dice bags first up Toofatlardies Pint & Pie logo

Long Time chum Matt Slade is making these very nice Too Fat Lardies themed dice bags, which i have to say are lovely and one of them might fall into my hands soon With the imminent release of Sharp Practice 2, that all round good egg, Rich Clarke of Toofatlardies has given us permission to

Whats on the Paint Desk

Back home after a holiday in foreign parts and I’m able to get a bit of hobby time, so its time for my weekly post ‘Whats on the Paint Desk’ This week I am continuing work on my Dystopian Wars Prussian Navy with:- 1 Emperor Class Battleship 3  Reiver Class Light Cruisers 1 Blucher Class Dreadnought (which is

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