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April 22, 2021

The Postman Always Rings Twice

or in my case once but it was enough…..

Like many people who read this blog I do have a habit of buying the occasional wargame related treat for myself and over the last few weeks I’ve placed a few orders for stuff. Now normally things I order all arrive in dribs and drabs during the week and as I work from home I can normally get them into the house, unpacked and stored away before my wife gets home.

but this weekend I had a little mishap and when I was out doing my impression of a dutiful son this lot arrived and my wife took delivery


when I got home my wife greeted me with the expression “Well someones been busy” and pointed me towards the tottering pile of parcels, ummm I replied “well I know what 2 of them are, maybe the rest are early birthday presents” hoping she would accept this excuse (she didn’t)

so I sheepishly unpacked them and this is what I received

First up some goodies from Spartan games, as I’ve just joined their Corinthian club scheme and got the first of my free gifts (A DW Prussian Bunker) and some new figures for Dystopian Wars and Planetfall


Next up was some movement trays from Warbases, plus a few horses to use with my artillery limbers for Sharp practice 2


next up was an old Citadel troll I got on eBay, I’ve been after this model for ages and when I saw it i had to have it

2016-04-03 16.53.28

next up a bit of a surprise as the Judge Dredd KS I backed years ago is still delivering parts of my pledge, this time is a Pat Wagon

2016-04-03 16.54.28

which just leaves 1 more parcel, which was a 6×4 game mat I picked up from Simon Miller at Big Red Bat Shop, Simon has started selling the Deep Cut Studio mats and took advantage of his low postage costs and got a cloth mat. I have a few of Deep Cuts PVC mats but I wanted to see what the cloth ones were like and I’m fairly impressed with it, ok it needs an iron to flatten some creases out but its really good. Simoan was also kind enough to send me some of his movement bases he’s produced for his To the Strongest rules.

here’s a close up of the mat

IMAG0489 2016-04-03 16.56.13

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