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February 26, 2021

Meeples episode 169 is in the can

Last night we all got together to record the second half of Meeples and Miniatures episode 169 (due out on April 15th)  taking part were the 4 of us Neil Shuck (our beloved Leader), Mike Whitaker, myself and Dave Luff (Neil’s gaming nemesis)

The plan was to record 3 segments ‘What we’ve been up to’, ‘hobby news’ and ‘the mailbag’, last week we recorded an great interview with Robey Jenkins about his new ruleset ‘Horizon Wars’ which is due out at salute, so we had  plenty of time to get all 3 sections recorded (or so we thought)

the first section went on a bit as Neil and Dave had a slightly heated discussion around a battle report Neil had posted on their last game and then we moved onto Hobby News which turned into an even more heated discussion caused by Neil and myself disagreeing on something which carried on for a long time, so we ended up not recording the mailbag and just went for the end section.

The end section started badly (mostly caused by me winding Neil up) and our previous argument carried on until Mr Whitaker called time on our escapades by pointing out it was nearly 10pm and we’d been arguing for about an hour.

all in all it was one of the funniest recording we’ve ever made and proves that only really good friends can argue about stuff that long and still remain civil.

Although in other news I’ve now been banned from taking part in episode 170, which is just as well as I’m on holiday 🙂

look out for this podcast on or around April 15th



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