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What happens when dilution of the hobby becomes homeopathic

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May 13, 2021

Rich Clarke

Blimey, I’ve Got an Imagination! – Lard Island News

Apparently Rich’s newest project is all my fault, but I’m happy to be of service 🙂

I must have been standing too close to “Our ‘Enry”, head honcho of Minature Wargames with Battlegames and, who, whilst seemingly living in Brighton & Hove, is  actually (and more believably) the Grand Tomato of Prunkland and sworn enemy of um…some other naughty people who are taking part in the Wars of Faltenian Succession, a long running punch up which provides His Royal Tomatoness and his Spencer Smith figures with endless wargaming opportunities.“Of what do you speak Clarkie, you blathering loon!” I hear you cry.  Well, somehow it seems that the planets have aligned to kick me off on yet another wargaming venture which has seized me by the enthusiastic proverbials and got my painting fingers twitching with poorly-timed enthusiasm.  How could such a thing happen to a sensible chap like me when I should be filming videos for Sharp practice?  You may well ask.  And I certainly will tell you.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I shall begin

Source: Blimey, I’ve Got an Imagination! – Lard Island News

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