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May 13, 2021

Designing a Force for Polyversal – Part 1

Following on from my last post on Polyversal I decided to use the rules to create a small army to see how easy it was. So I went to my pile of painted lead to look for a 6mm army I could use and hey-presto I found my old Epic Space Marine army which hasn’t been used for many years.

The first job was to work out a force listing so I decided to have 1 command unit (well I had to) and then fill out all 6 support options with other units (remember in Polyversal each command unit can have a max of 6 support Combatant Tiles)

So here was my rough plan

  • Command Unit of 3 Rhinos


6 Support units

  • 6 Tactical Squads
  • 6 Devastator Squads
  • 3 Rhinos
  • 5 Land Speeders
  • 3 Land Raiders
  • 3 Whirlwinds


The idea is the Tactical or Devastator squads could use the command rhinos for transport, or just walk

So with this framework in place it was time to stat up each unit and make a Combatant Tile for each one.

To save typing I’ll just describe how I designed one of the units and then I’ll post the stats for the rest in a future article.

So let’s begin with a Combatant Tile for 3 Rhinos which are small armored personnel carriers and can carry 2 stands of infantry each, they are tracked and lightly armed with a linked heavy bolter (large machine gun) and knowing all that we can work through the steps

Step 1 – Classification – it’s a Class II vehicle (the standard size)

Step 2 – Mobility – its Tracked and the Technology level is Typical so it has the following move values

Movement 12”, Evasion 13”

Step 3 – Targeting Systems – I’m going to keep it simple and say it has Computer Aided Imaging, so uses a d8 for targeting (the Average)

Step 4 – Assault capability – again keeping it simple I’m going to give the Rhino an average assault value of d8 as it is fairly well equipped and design to protect its passengers

Step 5 – Armour – the Rhino is only lightly armoured so I’ll give it an armour value of 2

Step 6 – Weapon systems – The rhino only has a Pintle mounted Double Heavy bolter for protection so working through the system I came up with the following stats

  • Type – Machine Gun
  • Weapon Class 1
  • Number – 2 (it’s a double Bolter)
  • Arc of Fire – as its Pintle Mounted I’ve decided it can only fire to the front arc
  • Weapon Stats
    • Range – 8”
    • Anti-Personnel rating – d6
    • Anti-Tank rating – d4
    • Damage rating – Light


Step 7 – Special Abilities

  • The Command unit has the Command ability, which allows it to give commands, also each vehicle has a transport rating of II allowing it transport 2 stands of infantry


Step 8 – Damage Effects – this how each hit effects a vehicle in the unit, based on the strength of the hit. Working through the system I came up with the following values

  • 1 – 2 hits, No Effect
  • 3 – 5 hits, Stressed
  • 6 – 7 hits, Weapon Damage
  • 8+, Destroyed


Step 9 – Unit Size – 3 individual Rhinos make up the unit so the unit size is 3

Step 10 – Effectiveness – as these are highly trained Space marines I’m going to give the whole army a high effectiveness value of d10 (Highly Motivated)

Step 11 – points – using all this info we can work out the points but as they are still working on that I won’t put any points in this article as it might confuse people later

And that’s it

All these stats can be put into a little table that looks like this

Rhino Command

So that completes this article – the next one will have all the stats for the other units and some pictures of the whole force to help visualise it


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