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May 8, 2021

Heroes of Normandie – Gazette 5

Anyone who knows me fairly well will know I do like Heroes of Normandie by Devil Pig games, yes I know its a bit of a marmite game and a lot of people don’t like the game play or the artistic direction of the game, but I like it so there

one of the things Devil Pig do to support the game is to release a quarterly supplement called ‘the Gazette’ and this costs about 11 Euros a copy but it always contains interesting stuff. Now there has been a delay with the last edition which was due out in December 2015 but its finally arrived and I have to say its the best yet.

this edition is based on Market Garden and contains :-

  • the 8 page magazine which background info and a 4 scenario mini campaign
  • A new unit of Polish Paras and 2 new heroes (including John Frost)
  • 2 fold out double sided gaming mats which give you a 4×3 map to play the scenarios on


here’s a few pictures to wet your appetite

2016-04-22 08.38.11 2016-04-22 08.37.07 2016-04-22 08.37.33

to play the mini campaign you will need the Pegasus bridge campaign set but I think this is a great little mini campaign set and well worth the euro’s I spent on it, also there is a typo on the magazine and it says its issue 4 when its actually 5


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