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April 19, 2021

Designing a Force for Polyversal – Part 3 – Titans

There is something really satisfying about designing units for games and so far I’ve been looking at standard unit types (infantry, tanks etc) but in my Epic Collection I have a few Titans and I thought it would be fun to work out some stats for those

So let’s begin with this one, it’s a Reaver Titan I brought and painted in the early 90’s, (so its showing its age now) its armed with a Chain fist, a Turbo Laser and a Rocket Launcher. Titans were also known for having shields so I need a way to include that in the stats as well.

DSC00015 DSC00016

When you think about it his could be a really good test for the rules

The chain fist will obviously increase the Titans Assault value but it could also be used to smash through walls so could count as a Deforestation system.

For the shields I think the ‘Kinetic Dampening Systems’ rule could work well for that as it reduces the effects of kinetic weapons and maybe I also give the titan ‘Energy Ablative Armor’ which will help it against energy weapons, there is a third type of specialised armour in the rules called ‘Reactive Armour’ which protects against conventional weapons but I think 2 types of armour will be enough

Looking at the basic options, I think this will count as a Class IV (Superheavy) Walker from a Typical tech level

I’ll give it ‘Refined Computer Guided Targeting’ and also ‘Specialised Assault Equipment’ because of that nasty chainfist

I’ll also give it a standard Amour level of 4

Reaver Titan


Ok let’s move on and look at another Epic Titan, this time the ubiquitous Warlord Titan, again this is from my collection and it’s also about 25 years’ old and again its one that might need a repaint as its getting a bit old

DSC00020 DSC00021

This one is armed with dual rocket launchers, a volcano cannon and a chain fist (so I can use the rules from the Reaver for that)

So to start at the beginning and the biggest question is what class do I make it, there are 5 classes for vehicles in Polyversal and I made the Reaver a class IV (or Superheavy) now there is a Class V size (Colossal) size but I’m unsure if I make this Titan that size as I also have an Emperor Titan that’s huge, so maybe I’ll leave it as a Class IV (Superheavy) Walker from a Typical tech level. Its just a big class IV that’s all.

Everything else follows on from the Reaver except maybe I’ll give this titan the 3rd Specalised Armour type to make it a bit tougher. So here’s the stats for the Warlord

Warlord Titan


If anyone wants the stats for this Space Marine force let me know and I’ll post a link to a PDF


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