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April 22, 2021

Archives for May 2016

Painting 20mm Early War Germans

I’ve just started painting up some of Early War Miniatures 20mm Germans for new project I’m currently working on and thought I’d document the process in case anyone wants to use it the idea behind this project is to do some  games during the fall of France in 1940, which gives us the chance to use

Whats on the Paint Desk

Its Monday, its a bank holiday, so that means its time for ‘Whats on the Paint Desk’ Today the Paintdesk contains the following figures : The final Bad Squiddo games brand new female ogre, which I’m still slowly painting up The Salute Steampunk miniature sculpted by Andy from Westwind 8 Footsore miniatures Great Northern War

Battlefleet Gothic eBay sales

I’ve decided to have another clearout of armies I don’t use anymore and this time I’ve turned my eye on my Battlefleet Gothic fleets not all of then you understand just the ones I haven’t used for a long time so on eBay you can find these fleets for sale Tyranids – Sale Here Tau –

Time for a Change

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll all say I am a flighty person when it comes to wargaming. I really can’t concentrate on 1 project for any period of time (hence the name of this blog) and I’ll swap around between rules, periods and genres at a moment’s notice. However, for the last 6

An Oldie but a Goodie

Being someone who played lots of role playing games in the early 80’s I have a fondness for fantasy miniatures from around that time. I used to have a good collection of minis when I was a kid, in fact I think I had about 20 25mm figures at one stage (I know I was

Whats on the Paint Desk

Its Monday, its midday, so that means its time for ‘Whats on the Paint Desk’ Today the Paintdesk contains the following figures : The final Bad Squiddo games brand new female ogre, which I’ve just started blocking out A classic Troll Champion from back in the 80s, which is nearly finished The Salute Steampunk miniature

More War of 1812 test games

this Thursday and Friday saw me trying out a scenario that might make it into the War of 1812 book I’m putting together for Too Fat Lardies. I don’t want to say too much about it as its still in the design phase but it involves one side who are low on supplies defending a

Polyversal Battlegroups

A few days ago I was asked by Mats Larsson a backer on the new Polyversal Kickstarter campaign about the pros and cons of different configurations and sizes of battlegroups and this got me thinking. Before I go into giving my thoughts on the question I think it’s worth going over some of the basics first,

Whats on the Paint Desk

Welcome to the weekly snapsot of whats on my piantdesk, this week its back to the normal 1 desk view as I’ve finished off all the terrain I was painting last week Today the Paintdesk contains the following figures : A Canadian Militia unit for Sharp practice, the figures are from Wargames Factory The final

Toolkit Games

I’ve been thinking recently about the games I really enjoy playing and which games are giving me the most pleasure at the moment. Now I’ll be honest I do like a lot of games but there are 4 of them that are standing out from the crowd at the moment and they are: Sharp Practice

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