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April 22, 2021

Plans and Distractions

I’ve come to the conclusion that I really shouldn’t make long term plans about wargaming as I always end up breaking them, usually within 5 mins.

Take my plans for 2016 that I spoke about in the yearly Meeples and Miniatures roundup, I said that this year would be the year I got back into WWII gaming and I had some great plans for playing Chain of Command. My resolutions were to :-

  • Rebase my 20mm Normandy infantry
  • Extend my 28mm Normandy armies to allow me to play late war (’45)
  • Start a small 20mm early war project

The first 2 were easy, all I had to do was a bit of rebasing of existing figures, and get some Germans in greatcoats and a few late war vehicles. The early war project was something my mate Mark wanted to do and that would be the big one for the year.

It all started off so well, I sent the first 2 weeks of January rebasing my 20mm forces and looking around at possible figures for the 28mm Germans. But then I went to Crusade at the end of January and my plans went a drift.

Crusade is a wargames show arranged by my old club (Penarth and District Wargamers) and it’s held at the end of January, I had arranged to go along to the show and was invited to go to the post show drinks and curry, with the Penarth boys and Rich Clarke from Too Fat Lardies.

At the show I stocked up on some lovely 20mm German vehicles from Early War Miniatures and had a quick chat with Rich whilst he demo’d the new version of Sharp Practice 2.

Later on I meet up with Rich for a beer and we got to talking about SP2 and his plans, now at this point I had no real urge to get into a black powder skirmish game. I had played SP2 a few times and loved the mechanics but I wasn’t going to do anything in that period.

Then the little voice in the back of my head started reminding me about the War of 1812 figures I had already painted and also about the document I had written 4 years previously on the War that was going to be used for Muskets and Tomahawks.

5 mins later I had raised the idea to Rich and told him I would send him my original doc, a week later I had signed up to produce a campaign guide for this conflict for Rich to produce.

It’s now May and WWII has been forgotten and I’m an official SP2 fan boy.

The Supplement is coming along really well and I’ve started playtesting the scenarios and have extended my 1812 collection massively and I’m now finding myself thinking about what to once the supplement is ready.

I could go back to WWII, after all those 20mm figs won’t paint themselves, but I’m kind of enjoying my foray into the black powder period and really fancy doing something else, but the big question is what?

The sensible idea would be to do the Peninsular war, after all I have the British all done so would only need to some French and I already own a box of Perry plastic infantry.

Or I could do something left of center and do the retreat from Moscow; this was something we chatted about on the last podcast and the Perry’s have done a beautiful range of miniatures

But it was a choice of those 2, nothing else, just those 2

Well earlier today I was having a sort out of my lead pile and I came cross a little box and in the box was some of Footsore Miniatures Great Northern War Swedes that I brought ages ago for Donnybrock and never used.


Altogether I have:-

  • 2 mounted generals
  • 3 cavalry in Tricorne
  • 8 Grenadiers
  • 8 infantry in Karpus
  • 8 infantry in Tricorne
  • 1 command pack (5 men)

Now it’s not enough for a SP2 army but it’s a good start and I’ve always liked these figures (I think they were some of the best Bill ever sculpted)

The only downside is there are no army lists for this war in SP2, and it’s just out of the suggested period, but if I can write up army lists for 1812 I’m sure I could do something for GNW.

Maybe I could knock up some rough army lists for the Swedes and Russians and place an order with Footsore, it can’t hurt can it?

Oh if you’ve never looked at GNW, trust me it’s well worth investigating, the conflict is fascinating and Footsores figures are fantastic (and I’m not just saying that because Bill Thornhill is a mate of mine) take a look at some of them here

06GNR201 06GNS201 FM_GNW_Russian_Pike_Pair FM_GNW_Swedish_Grenadier_Pair_1024x1024


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