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May 13, 2021

Lord Ashram’s House of War: Sam Mustafa’s “Freejumper”… a detailed review!

Just found this fantastic review of Freejumper, well worth reading

Well, I know I posted a few bits and pieces about veteran black powder game designer Sam Mustafa’s latest… a spaceship game called Freejumper, which I got to help playtest a tiny bit, and for which I did a bit of photography (nothing better than pretty toy soldiers!)Well, it just released this weekend, so I thought I would post about it!Now honestly, I was *very* curious to see this game when it was first announced.  I do LOVE my black powder games, but at the same time the games I play most are Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing and Armada (especially Armada.)  I was curious to see what Freejumper would look like, as I knew Sam wanted to do something “different” than the more common space ship games.

Source: Lord Ashram’s House of War: Sam Mustafa’s “Freejumper”… a detailed review!


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