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February 24, 2021

Collins Epic Wargames

Polyversal is Live on Kickstarter

Any regular reader of this blog will now how interested I am in the 6mm Sci-fi game Polyversal after all I’ve blogged about it extensively

Well now the Kickstarter Campaign for this great game has began and with everyones help we can finally get this great game out on the shelves where it belongs

There are 6 pledge levels

  • $1 – your name in the rule book
  • $10 – for just the PDF
  • $45 – for the basic game without any miniatures
  • $75 – for the box game and 1 battlegroup of miniatures
  • $110 – for the box game and 2 battlegroups
  • $175 – for the box game and all 4 battlegroups

Here’s some pictures of the contents of 2 of the battlegroups

501af71431d0f5fe01ce2b025da9c5e2_original d29258485bdb437532ce2acc354a5cc0_original

Collins Epic Wargames have already included free stuff  for anyone pledging $45 or greater so its already a great bargain

why not check it out here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cewargames/polyversal-miniatures-game/



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