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June 22, 2021

A walk in the countryside looking for cake

Being a report on the heroic advances of the Duke of Wheeling-Turn in the lands of the Elves

By Mr. Hobbitson, chief war reporter of the Illustrated Londinium Tymes

After many a long week spent chasing the scoundrel Mordred through the wilds of Armorica the Duke of Wheeling-Turn and his trusted second in command General Ernest Fartsagale finally had the Emperor Mordred cornered. Without waiting for second breakfast to be served, the noble duke rode into battle and caught the Elves with a brilliant flanking maneuver, he had trusted his lines of supply to the courageous Captain Richard Sharke of the 105th Rifles in the hope the Elves didn’t have any cavalry in the woods.

Here follows a report of the battle that commenced that day

Please Note – this battle report was originally written before the new version of Sharp Practice came out and was played using the playtest rules

And now back to the scheduled battle report

Back in March 2016 I’d been chatting to a few members of my club about Sharp Practice and was asked to run a game to show a few of them the mechanics, I explained that the only figures I had available were my old Flintloque armies and if they were ok using them I would put on a game. They were universally happy with that suggestion so we ended up with a battle played out between the Armorican Elves verses the Orcs of Albion

Using the latest playtest version that Rich was good enough to send me I set up 2 equal sized forces and planed a quick scenario where the Elves would deploy on a short edge of the table whilst the Orcs had their deployment zone on the long edge. This would allow us to play a scenario with a flanking maneuver, I also gave each side a secondary deployment point and put in a quick rule where the Orcs secondary deployment zone would count as a main one for morale purposes as I wanted to force the Orc player to defend both zones and split his force.

Each player had a good sized force with about 10 points of support options the armies used were:-


  • 4 groups of regular line infantry
  • 1 group of rifle armed light troops
  • 1 group of light infantry in line
  • 1 small gun and a junior leader

This was backed up with 4 leaders (level III, Level II and 2 level I)

For the elves they had a similar force of

  • 4 groups of regular line infantry
  • 1 group of rifle armed light troops
  • 1 group of light Cavalry
  • 1 small gun with a junior leader

And again 4 commanders were leading them

I won’t go into a full report just to say the elves moved onto the table first and formed a line in a break between some trees on the short table edge, whilst the orcs moved in from the flank and set up a line of troops and their cannon facing them. Due to a cock up on my behalf I allowed the Elves to deploy their cannon and light troops on the flank (they should have used the main deployment zone not the secondary one) and the main battle deteriorated into a standoff with both lines blasted each other at long range whilst the cannons supported them.

The interesting part of the battle involved a long flanking maneuver by the Elf light cavalry who spied a lightly guarded deployment point and managed to rout a unit of Orc riflemen and kill their leader (the heroic Captain Sharke) before capturing the DP.

All in all the game went well and the players quickly picked up the rules and worked out how the actions of the leaders and good use of command cards were key to winning the game. As the shock built up in the infantry lines it was the Orc player who used his commander and level I leader to maintain the lines properly and keep a steady flow of fire onto the Elves who really started to suffer from shock and groups being pushed back.

I didn’t use the rules for step out and drill as I wanted to concentrate on the basic command and control rules but the game was a real joy to play and there was a lot of laughter around the table (unlike a lot of Napoleonic games I’ve played)

Now for some pictures of the game


the Elves take to the field


Followed up by the Orc line troops with advance guard of Joccian lights


Captain Sharke of the rifles holds the woodland


First volley from the Elves cuts down the Joccian lights


A view from the Orc side


The Elf Cavalry spy a deployment zone lightly defended as the Rifles fire at effective range


Good use of command cards allow the cavalry to sprint forward and engage the rifles before routing them and killing Captain Sharke (or is he just wounded ready to return in the next episode)


Orc fire starts to take effect


And the Elves are pushed back and Mordred himself is wounded


With the release of Sharp Practice and the ‘Sharpulator’ I’ve decided to create some proper army lists for the major protagonists of the World of Valon and will be releasing these in the coming weeks. If you want to find out about Flintloque and its big brother Slaughterloo take a trip over to Alternative Armies and follow the links

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