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May 13, 2021

Time for a Change

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll all say I am a flighty person when it comes to wargaming.

I really can’t concentrate on 1 project for any period of time (hence the name of this blog) and I’ll swap around between rules, periods and genres at a moment’s notice. However, for the last 6 months all I’ve really done is work on the War of 1812 Sharp Practice 2 campaign book, which has meant my painting table has been monopolized with figures for that. OK I have done a few other bits and bobs but they were just things I had hanging around that I wanted to paint to keep me sane. But I think I’ve hit the brick wall again and I’m looking the next 6 figures I have to paint up for the War of 1812 and I just have no enthusiasm to do them.

So I think I need a break from Horse and Musket and now is time to start another little project.

Luckily I have something already planned, which is early WWII in 20mm and by early WWII I mean really early, so it’s armies for 1939 and 1940 in Poland, Belgium and France. This was something I was talking about doing back in January and I even picked up a few models from Early War Miniatures at the Crusade event, but now it’s time to begin work on this properly.

I know 20mm isn’t one of the ‘cool’ scales for WWII but I love it, it was the scale I used for the first WWII gaming I ever did, back in the day.  I also have a huge collection of late war 20mm armies already and it’ll be nice to get back to that scale.

The first question I ask myself when it comes to a new project is do I have any terrain for it? And as I love 20mm WWII I have enough to start with, so that’s sorted out.

Next it’s what figures to use? Well that’s simple it’ll be Early War Miniatures all the way and as I did a deal with Mr Clarke from Too Fat Lardies I already have a large box full up of figures specifically for this project.


I also have a few miniatures from my late war army that I can use, they are already painted and just need a little tidy up


The third question is what rules to use? Again that’s easy as Chain of Command is perfect for these type of games and the army lists are free to download on the Lardies blog. Mind you I might pick up a copy of Battlegroup Blitzkreig as well to handle bigger games, as I am a fan of these rules and again it’ll be nice to play them again.


That only leaves 1 question, do I paint the infantry myself of send them to Gareth at ADC painting? Now that’s a tough one to call, maybe I’ll spilt it and do the Germans myself and send off the Belgium’s to Gareth. Lets see how it goes shall we

BTW for all you War of 1812 fans I haven’t dumped that project, the manuscript is nearly finished and will be heading over to Mr Clarke next month for him to look at.

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One Response “Time for a Change”

  1. Avatar
    May 26, 2016 at 3:08 am

    If I was to do WWII early war again I would do it in 20mm. So many wonderful vehicles in the scale.

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