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May 13, 2021

Painting 20mm Early War Germans

I’ve just started painting up some of Early War Miniatures 20mm Germans for new project I’m currently working on and thought I’d document the process in case anyone wants to use it

the idea behind this project is to do some  games during the fall of France in 1940, which gives us the chance to use Belgium, French and British armies against the Germans. most of the games will be played using Chain of Command but I also have Battlegroup Blitzkrieg so we could do some bigger games if we feel like it.

ok onto the process, unless noted all colours are from the Vallejo Model Colour range

Step 1 – undercoat using grey


Step 2 – Block in the main colours

  • Jacket – German Field Grey WW2
  • Trousers – Army Painter Uniform Grey
  • Boots and Webbing – Black

DSC00272 DSC00276

Step 3 –

  • Highlight the boots in Basalt grey
  • Wash the lower part of each model in GW Nuln oil wash


Step 4 – block in more colours

  • Helmet, collar – German Camo Dark Green
  • Bread Bag, Shovel Cover, front pouch – German Camo Beige
  • Gasmask Tin, Canteen – German Camo Dark Green
  • Water bottle Cover – German Camo Red Brown
  • Water bottle Lid – Black
  • Bedroll – Kharki
  • Weapon straps, Bayonet Holder – Chocolate
  • Rifle – Flat Brown
  • Shoulder strap – US Tan Earth
  • Bedroll straps – Basalt Grey
  • Collar, Epaulettes – German Camo green


Next highlight the Jacket (German Field Grey WW2 with German Camo Beige)

–EDIT– I wasn’t happy with using a lighter Field grey so I changed the highlight colour for the jackets to German Uniform (vallejo 920) and its much nicer

DSC00280 DSC00279

Note in the pictures above I had painted the bedroll straps in a lighter brown but I changed that later

Step 5 – wash the top half of the figures with Army Painter Soft Tone

DSC00282 DSC00283

Step 6 –

  • Paint flesh ares in 2 shade Flesh (Foundry medium and light)
  • Wash Flesh areas in mix of 50% Army Painter Soft Tone, 50% GW Lahmian medium
  • Bayonets and MG34 – P3 Pig Iron
  • Ammo belt – chocolate on bottom and gold on top – wash in Army Painter Soft Tone


Step 7 – add white to collar and generally tidy up the models, then base

DSC00286 DSC00287

and the finished result once the bases have been painted and flock added, all in all I’m happy with the results buut I might change the jacket highlight in the next batch and use German Uniform instead

DSC00289 DSC00290

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