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June 23, 2021

Archives for May 2016

New Downloads Section

One of the things I want to do with this site is share documents that other people might be interested in, so I’ve created a ‘Downloads’ section in the top menu for this so far it only contains the Space Marine stats I came up with for Polyversal, but I’m hoping to extend it soon with

A walk in the countryside looking for cake

Being a report on the heroic advances of the Duke of Wheeling-Turn in the lands of the Elves By Mr. Hobbitson, chief war reporter of the Illustrated Londinium Tymes After many a long week spent chasing the scoundrel Mordred through the wilds of Armorica the Duke of Wheeling-Turn and his trusted second in command General

Polyversal is Live on Kickstarter

Any regular reader of this blog will now how interested I am in the 6mm Sci-fi game Polyversal after all I’ve blogged about it extensively Well now the Kickstarter Campaign for this great game has began and with everyones help we can finally get this great game out on the shelves where it belongs There

Whats on the Paint Desk

and we’re back for another fun packed update of what I’m doing paintwise Today, dear reader its a special extended episode as I have 2 painting desks worth of stuff to share, but lets start with the main paintdesk which contains the following figures A Canadian Militia unit for Sharp practice, the figures are from

Hitting the Painting Wall

As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve started getting distracted from what I should be doing (my War of 1812 Campaign book for Sharp Practice) and looking to do something else with my time. Now please be aware that this doesn’t mean I’m giving up on the 1812 book as that is going really

Freejumper has been released

Over the last 6 months or so I’ve been playtesting Sam Mustafas Freejumper rules and today is the day when they get released Freejumper is a fun sci-fi game and well worth checking out as you only need 1 space ship to play and most games last about an hour Info from the site Freejumper is

Whats on the Paint Desk

IT’S A FOOKING HUGE CAT…………….. but eventually he moved somewhere else and I could get a proper picture, so today my paint desk contains:- A Canadian Militia unit for Sharp practice, the figures are from Wargames Factory Some more of Bad Squiddo games brand new female ogres A classic Troll Champion from back in the

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