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March 2, 2021

Archives for June 2016

Big Chain of Command game

last weekend myself and good mates, Mark, Ty, Geoff and Steve got together for a big game of Chain of Command at Firestorm games Geoff had agreed to run the game and he put together a scenario that allowed us to use my US infantry and Fallschirmjäger, Ty’s Heer and Steve’s US Paras. the game was

What’s on the Paint Desk

A day later then normal but we are back with ‘Whats on the Paint Desk’ my weekly update on what I’m doing this week Today the Paint desk contains the following figures : 8 Footsore miniatures Great Northern War Swedes 6 War of 1812 American Militia The second Freebooters Fate Raven figure plus her pet bird

Painting Progress

Time for a quick run down of what I’ve painted over the last week before we celebrate a new ‘Whats on the Paint Desk’ this week I’ve painted this lot Salute 2016 ‘Madam’ model – This is the model that was given away at Salute this year, I managed to get hold of a copy via

Scratching that Vietnam itch

I’m in a period of flux at the moment, I’m just finishing one big project (my War of 1812 project) and I’m not sure what to do next, so instead of starting 1 thing, I’ve decided to do many little projects at once. my 20mm WWII German army is coming along nicely and I’ve nearly finished

Polyversal Wiki Published

I’ve just heard that Collins Epic Wargames has created a brand new wiki site for Polyversal here’s some info from the latest Kickstarter update Polyversal Wiki Site Created I have also been working to fill in pages on a Polyversal Wiki site, which you can now go to here on Wikia: http://www.polyversal.wikia.com. The vision for the

Getting my name in print

My best mate Neil ‘Meeples and Miniatures’ Shuck has been forced to take a step back from his media commitments recently, which included writing his monthly article for Miniature Wargames. This meant Henry Hyde ( the editor of that esteemed publication) was left in a bit of pickle as he had 3 pages to fill and

What’s on the Paint Desk

Welcome to  number 14 of ‘Whats on the Paint Desk’ Today the Paintdesk contains the following figures : The Salute Steampunk miniature sculpted by Andy from Westwind, which is nearly finished 8 Footsore miniatures Great Northern War Swedes 6 War of 1812 American Militia the last squad of 20mm German infantry by Early War Miniatures the second Freebooters Fate

Painting Progress

Welcome to what will hopefully become a regular new series of posts called ‘Painting Progress’ Whilst I post a weekly update of whats on my paint desk I very rarely post pictures of things I’ve done during a week (they are mainly posted on my Twitter feed) so I’ve decided to fix that and here’s the

Highland Commanders

Carrying on with the Highland theme from my last post I’ve spent the last few days repainting some command figures from the ones I brought last weekend actually what was going to be a quick touch up turned into complete repaints so it took a while, I also found a Mounted officer in my bits box so

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