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April 22, 2021

OML4 – A trip to Tractor Land for Lard based fun

This weekend saw the 4th annual ‘On Market Lardon’ wargames event taking place in Evesham. OML4 (as its known) is major event on the Too Fat Lardies calendar and hosts some of the best TFL in the land, the premise is simple, turn up, play a couple of games and then go for a curry.

as before OML was run by Ade Deacon, who is one of the nicest people around and the amount of work he puts into organising the event is staggering (big hand for Ade everyone)

this year all 4 of the Meeples and Miniatures crew decided to run games so the pressure was on to try and out do each other, but I think Neil and Daves Chain of Command game came out on top when it came to organisation and game set up.

as I was umpiring my game I didn’t get a chance to see everything but here’s some pictures of the tables before we started to wet your appetite

Jims, ACW Sharp Practice

DSC00291 DSC00292

Neil and Daves, Chain of Command game

DSC00293 DSC00294

Spanish Civil war Chain of Command


Roberts I aint Been Shot Mum in Russia


Big Rich Clarke’s Sharp Practice game


Sid’s 2mm Lurtzen game (in development)

DSC00299 DSC00300

Ade and Al’s Big Chain of Command game

DSC00302 DSC00301

My Sharp Practice game


Mr Whitakers, minimalist Dux Brit game


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