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May 8, 2021

Alternative Armies painting service

last month I got a newsletter from Alternative Armies where they mentioned the painting service they run and as I have a mountain of AA figures I thought I would investigate it.

Now I do already use ADC Painting and I’m very happy with the quality of his work but I thought it might be worth trying out AA to do some of my Slaughterloo figures, specifically my undead army. So fast forward a few days and a flurry of emails later, I had organised my first order

For the first order I sent over a unit of 28 Zombie infantry for the Witchlands campaign, AA will base up miniatures as part of the order but as I wanted these figures to match in with the rest of mine I asked for no basing and we agreed a price of £3 per figure (which is a bargain in my book)

a few weeks after they received the figures a mail dropped into my inbox to tell me they had finished them and would send them back to me once I had sent over the payment. I duly did so and a few days later a very well packed parcel arrived back, the minis were all individually bubble-wrapped and packed into polystyrene trays for further protection. (so 10 out 10 for packing here)

the miniatures were nicely painted, mostly block painted but use of inks for shading had made them nice and vibrant. I wanted them to be darker so I decided to apply a coat of Army Painter Dark Shade to them before basing them up, this took about 20 mins to do but I could have easily not bothered

and here’s the finished result

DSC00307 DSC00308 DSC00310

all in all I’m very happy with the result, the whole process was professionally handled and painless, with AA keeping me informed of progress throughout. These figures have sat in my lead pile for over 5 years but now they are a fully usable unit for Slaughterloo or a Sharp Practice variant I’m working on and I’ve already boxed up a unit of undead Cavalry and Artillery which will be heading to AA later this week.



One Response “Alternative Armies painting service”

  1. Avatar
    December 8, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    Always felt the figures took paint well, something about the way the raised area and recesses allow in and highlight I suppose…

    PS. A new Slaughterloo/Valon FB appreciation page: Flintloque And Slaughterloo Gamers Australia

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