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April 22, 2021

Painting Progress

Welcome to what will hopefully become a regular new series of posts called ‘Painting Progress’

Whilst I post a weekly update of whats on my paint desk I very rarely post pictures of things I’ve done during a week (they are mainly posted on my Twitter feed) so I’ve decided to fix that and here’s the first update.

this week I’ve painted this lot:-

Raven – this is a model I brought a few year ago as part of the Freebooters miniatures 10th anniversary indiegogo campaign. this fundraiser was for 9 new sculpts for Freebooters Fate, 8 of these could be built in 2 ways (standard and pimped out) obviously I went for the highest pledge and have got all of them twice. over the years I’ve been working on getting them painted up by my mate Ade or I’ve done them myself and Raven is the latest one. She is a leader for the brotherhood and is a fantastic sculpt, I’ve gone for a dark theme to match her back story, next week I’ll start on the other version of this model

DSC00343 DSC00344

20mm Germans – I’m working on a 1940 platoon of Germans for Chain of Command and this week I’ve painted up another 12 figures, the plan is to have a full platoon plus a support squad and some extra figures. this is my progress so far


28mm Highlanders – I’ve posted pictures of these elsewhere on the blog but I’m including them here as well as I worked on them during the week

DSC00347 DSC00325-001

so that’s it for this week, keep an eye out for my update to ‘Whats on the Paint Desk’ so you can what I’m doing now


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