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February 26, 2021

Getting my name in print

My best mate Neil ‘Meeples and Miniatures’ Shuck has been forced to take a step back from his media commitments recently, which included writing his monthly article for Miniature Wargames. This meant Henry Hyde ( the editor of that esteemed publication) was left in a bit of pickle as he had 3 pages to fill and nothing to fill it with, so in desperation he called me and asked if I was interested.

obviously I said yes and then I spent the next week trying to  write something

Eventually I got the thing written and on my second or third attempt I got it into shape and Henry accepted it.

Well now the magazine is out and for 1 month only  ‘Forward Observer’ has my name at the top, as you can guess I’m very excited


however when I read through the article I notice one section was missing, I originally wrote an introduction to the article which had to be cut due to lack of space, so with Henry’s permission here’s  the missing section

How do you fancy doing me a small favour..

I was working at home one day when a message dropped into my in-box, it was from our Noble Editor and he asked if I would help him out and write the Forward Observer column for the magazine. I’ll be honest I stared at the message for about 20 minutes before having the guts to reply, I was thinking ‘this has to be a mistake, he can’t be asking me. But it wasn’t a mistake, he was asking me to fill in for a month and write the column. A few minutes later I was on the phone to the Dear Leader (all hail him) discussing it in a bit more detail and it was here that I asked what was possibly the most stupid question known to mankind

“what do you want me to write about?”

I could hear the sigh escape the Great Exalted Ones lips, “You do read the magazine don’t you? You must know what the article is about”

“Well of course I read the column” I answered “and it’s about, um“

Luckily He Who Must Be Obeyed picked up on my train of thought and finished the sentence

“It’s about the hobby, you know, what’s new and exciting but also old and familiar, it’s about things we need to know about and things we already know.

Oh and make it about 3 pages in length and submit it ASAP”

And then he was gone, leaving me holding the phone with my mind whirling.

What to write about I thought? I could go safe and pick a nice easy subject, or I could write about a subject that’s sort of historical but not quite

if you want to read the rest of the article you’ll have to go and buy the magazine, its available on line here or in most good book shops


One Response “Getting my name in print”

  1. Avatar
    Commander Roj
    June 28, 2016 at 8:43 pm

    Good work. Very exciting to be published!

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