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May 13, 2021

Polyversal Wiki Published

I’ve just heard that Collins Epic Wargames has created a brand new wiki site for Polyversal

here’s some info from the latest Kickstarter update

Polyversal Wiki Site Created

I have also been working to fill in pages on a Polyversal Wiki site, which you can now go to here on Wikia: http://www.polyversal.wikia.com. The vision for the wiki is to provide a central place for your (and our) contributions to the game and therefore community of players. Stories will be uploaded here, scenarios, campaign settings, Combatant Tile designs by players, and there is a live chat and forum feature as well. The more I got used to the Wikia interface, the more excited I’ve become about the potential here. Best of all, Wikia is already quite a popular site for fans of almost anything, like Star Wars and plenty of other games.

We’ll add more content to the Wiki site as time allows. For now, feel free to explore it, create an account, comment on the content so far, and even add some of your own short stories, Polyversal-related projects like custom terrain, campaign frameworks, and more.

I’m a big fan of wikis as they really help building a community of players so this is one I’ll be following with interest and hopefully even posting some content on it

the wiki can be found here http://www.polyversal.wikia.com


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