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April 22, 2021

Scratching that Vietnam itch

I’m in a period of flux at the moment, I’m just finishing one big project (my War of 1812 project) and I’m not sure what to do next, so instead of starting 1 thing, I’ve decided to do many little projects at once.

  • my 20mm WWII German army is coming along nicely and I’ve nearly finished the infantry for that (more about that on a future post)
  • my Highlanders for Sharp Practice in the Peninsular are almost finished as well and I’ll be starting rebasing the rest of the models I brought very soon
  • my Great Northern War project is awaiting figures to arrive, so thats sort of on hold

so I got to thinking about other things I had sat in boxes half finished and a thought jumped out at me which said that I really should try and finish my 15mm Vietnam army

OK I’ll be honest this has been in the back of my mind for a while and I’ve chatted to my mate Neil “The Shuckmeister”  about doing something in Vietnam for a month or so and we both agree it  would be a fun little project

Now at this point I have to say I have no idea what rules I want to use for these games, but Charlie Don’t Surf from Too Fat Lardies is an obvious candidate, as is Force on Force by Ambush Alley but I’m not decided on that one just yet (plus Neil and myself have been chatting about doing something completely different)

Yesterday I dug out the various boxes and dusted off some figures to see what exactly I have and here’s the results


I only have US troops so far but I have enough of them to get started with about 70+ figures painted, I think I could make 2 platoons out of this lot (depending on the platoon make up) I pulled out my Ambush Valley book and I can do a full platoon easily for those rules and still have loads left over

DSC00366 DSC00368 DSC00369


I’m a little short on vehicles to be honest as I only have 4 M113’s, but I do have a half painted Huey in the To-Do pile that I might paint up

DSC00363 DSC00362


This is another area I’m ok for with lots of jungle bases, a few buildings, paddy fields and some VC gun pits all painted up

DSC00365 DSC00370 DSC00372

The To-Do Pile

the To-Do pile is pretty small for this project as I only had a few buildings and a helicopter to paint up


you’ll notice that I used the past tense in that last sentence as up until a few days ago that was all I had left to paint

Then I went and brought this lot off a mate at the clubIMG_20160623_223018

so that’s 3 boats and 2 more helicopters, oh and I may have ordered a platoon of Battlefront Local Forces, to give my Yanks someone to fight against

I guess I also need a village for the US troops to investigate

and some guns to put into those emplacements

and a watch tower and barbed wire for the Firebase I now want to build

and some PAVN to attack the Firebase

and more helicopters

Wish me luck……………………



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