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May 13, 2021

Geoff Bond, Mike Hobbs

Big Chain of Command game

last weekend myself and good mates, Mark, Ty, Geoff and Steve got together for a big game of Chain of Command at Firestorm games

Geoff had agreed to run the game and he put together a scenario that allowed us to use my US infantry and Fallschirmjäger, Ty’s Heer and Steve’s US Paras. the game was played on a big 8×6 table with Geoff providing all the terrain.

Myself and Mark played the Germans with Mark defending a farmhouse in the center and myself out on a flank trying to take a crossroads. Ty had the US infantry and was trying to push up the road and relive Steve’s Paras that were holding the crossroads.

Geoff had told us we couldn’t talk to each other about tactics unless we got the forces close together so there was lots of miscommunication and not knowing what the other players were doing, in other words it was great fun.

the game ended with a US victory as the Green troops holding the farm eventually broke and my fallschirmjäger couldn’t take the crossroads. All in all it was a great game played with a good bunch of mates and umpired brilliantly by Geoff

here’s some pictures of the game

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