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June 22, 2021

Sword and Spear Fantasy

Yesterday I went to Firestorm games to introduce my mate Steve to Sword and Spear Fantasy, and also to playtest the new undead rules that Mark has written.

we played a 500 point game of Elves v Undead with a good assortment of unit types included and as it the norm with me Steve won the battle.

unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures so you just have to imagine it, but here’s a few thoughts on the new Undead rules

  1. you needs lots of magic users to keep the army moving, I went for 4 of them for my army and that worked well
  2. they have a single discipline level of 4 but Magic users can spend Magic points to change your activation dice rolls to allow you to get things moving
  3. due to there low discipline level they do tend to activate later in the turn but this can have its advanges


I hope later this month to be able to write up a full review of the fantasy rules to give people an idea of whats in store



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