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February 26, 2021

Painting Progress

its Monday which means I’m once again late for this weeks ‘Painting Progress’

this week I’ve been mainly painting….

Reaper Mouslings – brought from Annie at Bad Squiddo games earlier this year, I’ve just finished off the second pack of 3 Mouslings. They were;  The Archer, The Warrior and the Wizard and jolly nice they were to paint as wellDSC00426 DSC00427

US Militia – more figures for my expanding War of 1812 armies, these are from Brigade Games and the 6 figures are just enough for a skirmish unit.

DSC00428 DSC00429 DSC00430

Orcs – another distraction this week (well you didn’t think I wouldn’t get distracted by something) after playing Sword and Spear Fantasy last week I decided I needed to expand one of my armies and in the space of 3 days managed to paint up all of these Orcs. They are 12mm figures from Kallistra and a joy to paint up (I may have brought some more)

DSC00443 DSC00444



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