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May 13, 2021

Trip to Castle Gamers in Bridgend

whilst demoing Sharp Practice at Firestorm last month I got chatting to Richard an old mate of mine and he asked if I fancied doing a demo of the game at his local club.

well emails were exchanged and last night saw me driving to the village of Coity to join the Castle Gamers on one of their Sunday club nights. This is only a small club with about 20 members but has been around for for about 40 years so the members have a good grounding in games

when I got there I was amazed to see just the one table set up, apparently everyone who could make it on the night either wanted  to play in the demo or just watch and ask questions, so I had a captive audience.

I decided to use the Fort scenario I’ve used before as its a good game and allows me to explain the rules easily. The game went down a storm with the British player attacking in column and breaking 2 units of militia before almost wiping out the American Cavalry unit who showed up. This was a new tactic and one I hadn’t seen played before (most people set up the British in line and use musket fire to break the Americans) but was very effective and saved the game for the British player who up to that point was losing.

it was a great way to spend the evening, the guys at the club are really nice, and the village hall is light and airy, so perfect to play in.

oh and did I mention Richard brought a homemade cake along for a snack mid game?

If you live in the Bridgend area and are interested in the hobby, why not pop along on a Sunday evening and see what the club has to offer, details on where they meet can be found on the Castle Gamers website http://www.castlegamers.co.uk/

here’s a few pictures of the game that i took but one of the guys was filming it so that’ll be interesting


Richard and the gang taking notes before we start


Yes I know I’ve used this scenario before


Peter (red top) commanding the Americans looks on as Ossie (blue top) deploys a unit of British in the woods

DSC00435 DSC00436

the British move up the road whilst the Americans wait with muskets leveled

DSC00437 DSC00438

American Cavalry move up to support the flank


Too late the Brits charge home and  smash the Militia causing them to break


the Cavalry decide to charge a British column head on, it didn’t end well for them


and back down the road the remains of that unit go taking the remaining American hope with it

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