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February 26, 2021

Painting Progress

Would you believe it, it’s yet another late Painting progress post

ah well lets crack on with my weekly update, here’s what I’ve managed to finish this week

12mm Orcs – I’ve decided to add a new army for Sword and Spear Fantasy so I’ve dusted off the last of my Kallistra Orcs. OK I will admit that these were the last packs but I decided to buy another 6 packs to extend it a bit more, you know because I’m weak. Anyway here’s another unit of Cavalry a couple of leaders and a unit of magic users all done

DSC00481 DSC00482

Bell UH-1 Iroquois – Carrying on with my distraction into Vietnam I have finished up yet another 15mm Huey, this gives me 4 now which is well on the way to completing an Air Cavalry platoon, unfortunatly I managed to break the rear blade so I’ll have to source a new one sometime soon

DSC00483 DSC00484

Highlander Grenadier Company – after a break I’ve decided to jump back into Napoleonic’s and have painted the first batch of Grenadiers for my Sharp Practice Peninsular army. I only need 12 of them and these are the first 6 so hopefully I’ll complete this core force this week

DSC00488 DSC00489 DSC00490

and thats it for this week, tune in tomorrow and see whats on my paint desk, I’ll give you a clue though its almost the same as what was on it last week


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