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May 13, 2021

Command and Colours Ancients – Storage idea

Last week I sat down with my mate Mark and he introduced me to Command and Colours Napoleonics, well I really enjoyed the game and I really fancied getting my own game to play at home.

Unfortunately the Napoleonic version is out of print but I knew there are a lot more games in this series so I just had to decide which way to jump. After much thought I decided to go for the Ancients game as I noticed they have released 2 expansions for Greek and Persian wars which is right up my street.

after a 5 min hunt around Amazon I ordered the base game and the 6th Expansion (The Spartan army) the 1st expansion (Greek and Persia) is also out of stock and copies of it are hard to come by, so thats on my ‘to get’ list

thanks to my Amazon Prime account my base game arrived the next day and on opening it this is what I found

DSC00496 DSC00497 DSC00498

there are a lot of blocks in this game and each of them need transfers to be stuck to them (both sides) I think I worked it out at over 400 stickers.


2 days later I was done and I was now left with a box full up of plastic bags each of which were full of sticker faced blocks of wood; this wasn’t brilliant, there was no alternative I would have to work out a storage system to keep them tidy.

A hunt around the web lead me to a few ideas, many people use fishing tackle boxes or the custom made solution from Sally 4th but I had another idea and decided to try out large white matchboxes. I had some of these hanging around from the storage solution I did for Heroes of Normandy and they were just the thing.

the boxes are big enough to fit about 40 infantry blocks or 18 cavalry blocks in them and just needed some labels knocking up, luckily I was able to find images of the blocks and using Powerpoint I was able to design a simple wrap over labels

here’s one box to give you an ideaDSC00502 DSC00503

these all fit nicely into a Really Useful Box, this is the whole of the 2 armies from the Core box


as you can see its easy to find the unit blocks you need from above and the side of the box lists the number of blocks for each type

and even better it means the main box just has the board, terrain hexes, cards and rules, so lots of space for the expansion rules and hexesDSC00505

if anyone is interested in using the  same idea here’s a link to my downloads section with a pdf of the lables and a link to where I get the boxes from




2 Responses “Command and Colours Ancients – Storage idea”

  1. Avatar
    Per Broden
    July 28, 2016 at 10:40 am

    Great idea!, and those matchboxes may come handy for other things. You could always replace them with 6mm on small bases! 😉

    • MikeH
      July 28, 2016 at 12:23 pm

      that might be something I’m considering, although I hate painting 6mm I never seem to get it looking right

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