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February 26, 2021

Battlegroup WWII Data Cards

I’ve been a fan of the Battlegroup WWII rules since I first picked up the Kursk book back in 2012, I now own all 5 of the supplements and think the rules are some of the best out there.

but as with most WWII games there has always been a problem playing them and that is the amount of units that players can use in games, each book has hundreds of vehicle stats and trying to find one of them can be problematic.

whilst there is a brilliant on-line army builder for Battlegroup at http://battlegroupbuilder.com/ this app doesn’t contain any of the stats needed so it means players have to print off an army and then fill in the blanks for movement, armour, weapon stats etc. But now finally after 4 years the guys at Battlegroup have produced sets of data cards which contain all the data players need and they are available from Plastic Soldier Company

Obviously I went off and brought a pile of the packs and today they’ve arrived


So basics first, the cards cost between £3.50 and £5 per pack and contain all the stats for 1 army so they are not linked to particular books, this is a good thing as it means that the Late War German pack allows you to play games from Kursk to Fall of the Rhine.

The cards are printed on thin card (less then a mm) and are good quality. the graphics are clear and easy to read and each card has a silhouette of the vehicle in question. Each card is approx 50mm x 85mm so they will fit in the Standard American Board Game Sleeves that you can buy



Its worth mentioning that they are not cut out, you will need to cut up each sheet, I have to say I wasn’t expecting this but it does actually say it on the PSC site so I must of missed this in my haste to order them.

now some people might moan about this but lets be sensible here, you are getting a bargain. for example the late war German set has 10 sheets in it, that’s 120 data cards and costs £5. I guess if you wanted them pre-cut then that would add a fair bit to the final price especially as these are not going to be produced in bulk (i.e. many thousands of sets) so I understand why PSC took this decision

anyway these are a really useful addition to the game and it will really help encourage me to play this game again very soon


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