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November 27, 2020

Archives for July 2016

Trip to Castle Gamers in Bridgend

whilst demoing Sharp Practice at Firestorm last month I got chatting to Richard an old mate of mine and he asked if I fancied doing a demo of the game at his local club. well emails were exchanged and last night saw me driving to the village of Coity to join the Castle Gamers on

Reinforcements Arrive

my painter chap Gareth from ADC Painting has just delivered my latest order and I thought I’d post them here They are the latest figures for 1812 and include 12 x 41st Foot Grenadiers in Stovepipe shakos – this gives me 24 of these now so enough for 3 regular groups in Sharp Practice 24 x Canadian

What’s on the Paint Desk

its another late post but life has been really busy recently, so please forgive me Today the Paint desk contains the following figures : 8 Footsore miniatures Great Northern War Swedes 6 War of 1812 American Militia – these have now been started The second Freebooters Fate Raven figure plus her pet bird on a pedestal

Painting Progress

Its been a bit of busy  week so my painting output is a bit low, but here’s a run down of what I’ve managed to complete Reaper Mouslings – I got a couple of packs of these back in January from Bad Squiddo Games and finally managed to paint up pack 1 which are the

Sword and Spear Fantasy

Yesterday I went to Firestorm games to introduce my mate Steve to Sword and Spear Fantasy, and also to playtest the new undead rules that Mark has written. we played a 500 point game of Elves v Undead with a good assortment of unit types included and as it the norm with me Steve won the

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