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March 2, 2021

Archives for August 2016

20mm Early War Germans for Chain of Command

the last few weeks has seen me working on my 1940 German army for Chain of Command in 20mm I did post about this project when I started it (see here) but for some reason I didn’t post anything when I completed the Core Force (expect that tomorrow) but anyway, I have already finished a

Whats on the Paint Desk

its a late one this week as the Bank Holiday has messed up my in built calendar but anyway, this week my paint desk contains 8 Footsore miniatures Great Northern War Swedes – these are getting very dusty a Wargames Foundry Royal Horse Artillery Limber

Boardgame day

Yesterday myself and the Bond Brothers (Geoff and Steve) met up at Firestorm games for a day of gaming. originally we planned a big Sharp practice game but unfortunately a couple of people couldn’t make it so we decided to play some board games instead. first up was Command and Colours Ancients which Geoff was

Organising My Paint Desk

A little while ago I picked up some new paints from Foundry which meant I had to reorganise my painting desk to fit them in. I did post a picture of my desk on Twitter which caused all sorts of comments to flood in, generally people couldn’t understand how clean my desk was and some

Painting Progress – British Rifles

You might remember a while ago I picked up a pile of Napoleonic figures at the last Firestorm games bring and buy and one of my purchases was some British Riflemen. Well they’ve sat on my table for ages awaiting some TLC and finally I got round to painting them up. Originally there were 14

Whats on the Paint Desk

Its been a busy week and I’ve managed to clear off a lot of figures from my paint pile. So as of today my desk contains the following models are 8 Footsore miniatures Great Northern War Swedes The crew for some 20mm Early War German Infantry support guns a unit of Warlord Foundry Royal Horse Artillery

15mm Skythians for Sword & Spear

A while ago I picked up a Skythian army from my mate Craig Thomson after I tweeted about getting a third army for my Ancient games. The figures came from Forged in Battle lovely War & Empire range which Craig got in the first FiB KickStarter, this suited me as I’d got Greeks and Early

Battlelore 2nd edition – whats in the box

I’ve recently discovered the Command and Colours games designed by Richard Borg and it’s fair to say I’m hooked. I was introduced to the game by my best mate Mark who was raving about it and wanted to show me the Napoleonic version, to be honest I wasn’t that bothered as I didn’t think I

Cigar Box Battle Mats Review

You may have noticed last week that my Meeples Boss Mr Shuck (all praise him) posted a review of some Cigar Box mats he was sent, well 2 of those mats were destined for my grubby little hands and I’m now able to give my opinion of them. Cigar Box were very generous and asked

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