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May 13, 2021

Painting Progress – Canadian Provincial Cavalry

After a break of 2 weeks, everyone’s favourite blog post is back, yes its time for an update on what I’ve been painting

Canadian Provincial Cavalry –

The only thing I’ve been able to finish over the last 2 weeks has been a unit of Canadian Cavalry for the War of 1812 for Sharp Practice. The Mini’s are converted Perry’s British Dragoons which do the job fine.

There is very little information on the uniforms worn by the Provincial Cavalry, so its hard to do an accurate model, most sources agree they had a plain blue jacket with red or white facings and they wore Tarleton helmet which had either red or black banding on it. Sources also disagree on plumes, so I’ve had to take some artist licence with these figures. Chuck Smith on his War of 1812 blog suggests using Perrys AWI Cavalry for this unit, but as I had spare plastic dragoons I decided to use them and just model them with plumes in place.

these figures used the later pattern jacket (without the braiding) and I removed the fringed epaulettes to match in with the plain jacket they wore, i did think about removing the turnbacks on the rear but I decided to leave them on in the end

here’s an image of the uniform from a French Source


the Osprey Soldiers of the War of 1812 blog has an illustration which shows a plume in place but on a plain Tarleton helmet, so as you can see its all a bit vague and my miniatures are probably in an incorrect uniform.

but enough of the waffle, here’s some images of the unit together with their officerDSC00649 DSC00652 DSC00654



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