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May 13, 2021

Peninsula French Army

As I’ve finished the Highlanders which are a core force for playing Sharp practice Games in the Peninsular, its time to think about some opposition for them. Obviously that means the French (or an Ally regiment) and so yesterday I dived into my lead pile and pulled out 2 boxes of Perry’s French infantry.

The Perry’s French are in the later uniforms (post 1812) so I’m kind of limited to what regiments to do. Whilst I’d love to do one of the Italian or Swiss regiments, they only really fought during the early campaigns in Spain and by 1812 they were wandering towards Moscow. so I think I’ll stick to a classic French army instead, but maybe they’ll end up as a Light Regiment instead of just a Line one.

anyway 2 boxes of Perrys gives a fair amount of figures and as most of them are cast in 2 pieces they are really simple to assemble so here’s the current progress

first up is a classic Line Company force with 5 center company groups, 1 x 6 man Voltigeur group, a drummer and a couple of leaders

DSC00690next up is 3 groups of Voltigeurs in line formation and 5 Voltigeurs in skirmish order, plus another officer (using a Victrix figure from the lead pile)


as I converted one of the Voltigeurs to be an NCO it means I’m 1 figure short of 2 full groups but don’t worry I have a cunning plan. I found someone on eBay who sells single sprues of Perry’s figures and so thats on its way to me as we speak. which means I’ll have enough figures to finish the 2 and a couple of leadersoltigeur groups plus add a musician and also have enough center company figures to give me another group of them (6 is way better then 5)

I also decided to place a modest order of metals from the Perry’s site so I have extra Officers and NCO’s on the way.

these will be heading off to ADC Painting very soon for Gareth to paint up, although I may split them into 2 orders just to spread the cost.

in the mean time I could consider painting up some French Cavalry……………………..

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2 Responses “Peninsula French Army”

  1. Avatar
    Commander Roj
    August 9, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    “A modest order…!” Go Mike!

    • MikeH
      August 31, 2016 at 1:36 pm

      well half of them have gone off for painting, looking forward to getting them back

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