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May 13, 2021

Painting Progress – British Foot Artillery

Later this week I’m travelling to Lard Island to meet up with Rich and Nick and take some pictures for my war of 1812 book. I was looking through my figures and I saw a gap so I decided to try and get an Artillery team painted up to take with me.

as its only 5 men (well 6 if you include a leader) plus a gun it was in theory a small job. obviously I had forgotten how intricate the Artillery uniforms were during that period and so 4 days after I started I was still working on them. but finally I got them done and today I painted up the limber and gun to complete the team.DSC00719 DSC00720

I decided to go for the early pattern uniform as it’ll allow me to use the team in and Peninsular games I decide to play

DSC00721 DSC00722

I also decided to buy some new paints from Foundry and I picked up some of there Artillery colours which are lovely, especially the bronze colour I’ve used on the gun barrel.

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