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June 22, 2021

Battlelore 2nd edition – whats in the box

I’ve recently discovered the Command and Colours games designed by Richard Borg and it’s fair to say I’m hooked.

I was introduced to the game by my best mate Mark who was raving about it and wanted to show me the Napoleonic version, to be honest I wasn’t that bothered as I didn’t think I could get that interested in a board wargame. I also have the WWI game (from the Kickstarter and now available from PSC) and that hasn’t been out of the box, but I gave the Napoleonic version a go and boy was I wrong about the game, it really is very very good.

Mr Shuck my gaming guru has actually written a very good article about C&C which is well worth reading

So fast forward a month and I now own C&C Ancients plus 2 expansions, I’ve pre-ordered the Napoleonic version and 2 days ago I ordered Battlelore 2nd edition from Amazon. Battlelore is the Fantasy version of the game and its one I’ve been eyeing up for a few weeks.

I watched the Miami Dice review of the game which pretty much decided it for me and so I ordered it


Yesterday the game arrived and I thought I would show you the contents

First up is the box


Which when its opened has the rule book and Reference book


Then you get 3 sheets of cardstock


With all the hexes and counters


Then obviously there is the board


And the 4 types of cards, these are the unit and army cards, the setup cards, the Command deck and the lore cards


Then there are the scenarios (ok these are cards as well)


Next up you get the dice, you only get 4 in the game so I brought an extra set to give me 12 in total


Which only leaves the figures and you get a lot

There are 2 leaders, 1 for each faction. These are multipart models but go together really quickly


6 Stone golems which are 2 part models (the heads are separate)


6 obscenes which again are 2 part models


9 Cavalry


And finally this lot


With 3 more units for the Chaos faction


And 2 more for the Humans


Ok that’s everything that’s in the box, lets talk about the models. The models are small 25mm models and cast in a semi hard plastic, I wouldn’t use them in normal wargames but for a boardgame I think they are fine and to be honest I’m glad they aren’t fantastically detailed as I would end up painting them and there is a lot of miniatures in this game.

Here’s a couple of comparison shots to show the size on the left is a new 32mm figure from Otherworld and on the right an old 25mm citadel figures from back in the 80’s

DSC00806 DSC00808

So there you go a quick overview of the game contents, I’m playing it next week so will post a battle report


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