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February 24, 2021

15mm Skythians for Sword & Spear

A while ago I picked up a Skythian army from my mate Craig Thomson after I tweeted about getting a third army for my Ancient games. The figures came from Forged in Battle lovely War & Empire range which Craig got in the first FiB KickStarter, this suited me as I’d got Greeks and Early Persians from the same range. So one quick exchange of cash later and I was the owner of a new pile of lead.

Over the last few months I’ve sent the figures over to Gareth from ADC Painting to allow him to paint and base them up and as of today I am now the owner of a whole army

The figures have been based up for Sword and Spear which is my go-to set of Ancient rules and here’s the breakdown

2 Commanders


2 units of Armoured Cavalry @ 48 points


2 units of Cavalry @ 24 points


6 units of Horse Archers @18 points


4 units of Foot Archers @ 10 or 12 points


4 units of Mixed foot or Spearmen @ 10 or 12 points


So in total that’s about 400 points which is perfect for an army. I can add in some extra foot troops from my Greek and Persian armies if needed but I think we can call this army done

Ok let’s not be too hasty, these figures came from the 1st KS Forged in Battle did and I also backed the second KS they did which means I have more units coming and some more generals to extend this army over 600 points

Well it stops Gareth getting bored doesn’t it

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