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May 8, 2021

Painting Progress – British Rifles

You might remember a while ago I picked up a pile of Napoleonic figures at the last Firestorm games bring and buy and one of my purchases was some British Riflemen.

Well they’ve sat on my table for ages awaiting some TLC and finally I got round to painting them up. Originally there were 14 riflemen and a command team so I had to add a few more figures to give me 18 infantry (or enough for 3 groups for Sharp Practice)

here’s the finished results

DSC00913 DSC00912

the command team are lovely as they are the now OOP Alban miniatures riflemen and included a Sharpe and Harper figure as well as a ‘chosen man’ who is hiding in one of the groups

DSC00915 DSC00916 DSC00918

these will work very well with my Highlanders and give me a great core for my Peninsular armies for Sharp Practice


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