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April 23, 2021

Organising My Paint Desk

A little while ago I picked up some new paints from Foundry which meant I had to reorganise my painting desk to fit them in. I did post a picture of my desk on Twitter which caused all sorts of comments to flood in, generally people couldn’t understand how clean my desk was and some asked for more pictures.

Obviously I completely forgot to do this and only reminded myself when I listened back to the latest episode of Meeples and Miniatures (episode 176) where we discussed it. So better late then never here’s the post I was going to do 2 weeks ago but somehow forgot.

Right lets address the elephant in the room before we go any further, yes I know I am slightly anally retentive when it comes to my paint desk. I cant help it; I just like to know where my paints are and when I use a paint I do put it back in the place I took it from. This is sensible in my view as it means I can put my hand out and find the colour I want without having to search through a pile of paint pots. Also because I mostly use Foundry triads I like to keep each of the 3 pots in the same order so it’ll be dark shade, mid-tone and highlight in that order.

Finally whilst I love Foundry paints I hate the lids which are frankly crap and tend to break after a few months, so I have replaced most of the lids with better ones and each one has a little bit of paint on it so I know the colour. you can get spare lids from here if you want them

after all that preamble lets take a look at my desk, its a standard office desk that I brought from Ikea and is perfect for my needs. here’s the main view


the main area has the figures I’m currently working on, my palette (an old piece of plasticard) and my water pot. Then there is my paints and other stuff arranged around it.

Directly to my right are 2 boxes holding the first set of Foundry paints, these are Yellows, Reds, Purples, Greys and Blues (which are in the second box) there is also a brown craft paint I use for bases, plus an old teaspoon I use to open some lids. as you can see the paints are arranged in the base, mid, highlight pattern.


to the right of that is the most unorganised box I own, this has washes, inks, basing colours, varnishes and some old GW Foundation colours that I hardly ever use.


Moving up but still on the right, is Foundry box number 3 which contains browns, blacks and whites, plus my Vallejo paints (mostly used for WWII figures) and above that are some Army painter dips which again I hardly ever use these days. There are also some weathering powders lurking at the top as well


Directly in front of me are Foundry boxes 4 and 5, which holds my collection of Greens, Metallics and Flesh colours. Plus some P3 metallics and various other paints from Gripping Beast, Army Painter, GW and MSP.


moving onto the top left there are my brushes, PVA spare palettes for washes and some really old paints that never get used but are worth holding onto (just in case)


on the far right of the desk is my basing stuff, with lots of premixed basing putty, tufts, scenic stuff and pots of various basing flocks all mixed up. there is also some glues, and my Osprey Books (I ran out of space in my main bookcase and they had to go somewhere)


and finally the infamous TO-DO pile, or things I started but never finished

one day I’ll empty this shelf, but not today


so thats it, hope you enjoyed a look into my painting desk, and who knows maybe you’ve learnt something about me as well 🙂


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