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May 8, 2021

20mm Early War Germans for Chain of Command

the last few weeks has seen me working on my 1940 German army for Chain of Command in 20mm

I did post about this project when I started it (see here) but for some reason I didn’t post anything when I completed the Core Force (expect that tomorrow) but anyway, I have already finished a full platoon and I even did an extra squad but I was lacking some support options. so over the last few weeks I made a start on that and here are the results


you have to have tanks when you play Germans it’s the law, and earlier this year I brought some models off Early War Miniatures which I have finally finished, here we have a Panzer II and a STUG III in lovely grey colour.DSC00931 DSC00930

I will be extending this collection and will get some Armoured Cars and tanks to add some variety


Ok thats just a posh word for trucks and here some I rescued from my later war army, so I have 3 trucks, a Kublewagen and an artillery limber (plus a 150mm Infantry gun)

DSC00932 DSC00937

the Limber is very old and might need a refresh to match in with the rest of the army

Support Weapons

First up we have an HMG and an anti-tank rifle

DSC00934 DSC00933

and then some anti-tank and infantry support guns

DSC00936 DSC00935

I’ve kept some crew separate so I can swap and change them around, as to be honest I cant see me using all of these in a game so there is no need for a pile of loaders.

so there we are a nice little army thats just perfect for invading Belgium and France, I just need some extra tanks

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