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February 26, 2021

Playing C&C Ancients

Tuesday is turning into Boardgame day as I usually drive over to visit my mate Mark and play something for a few hours. this week we decided to play Command and Colours: Ancients and I thought I’d share the games.

normally we pick 1 scenario and play it twice (swapping sides after the first game) but this week we managed to fit in 3 games, for reasons that will become obvious

Game 1 – Crimissos River

This is the 2nd scenario in the core rules and covers the Carthagians verses the Syracusans in 341 BC see here for details on the scenario


I played Syracuse and had good cards which allowed me to move all my heavy infantry forward 2 places in turn 1 and pretty much wipe out the entire Carthagian center in 3 turns. this wasn’t how either of thought the game would go but it ended up as a 5 – 0 win for Syracuse

2016-08-30 16.58.22

Game 2 – Crimissos River

same scenario but this time I was Carthage. Mark didn’t have the cards I picked up so could only move forward slowly, which allowed me to get my light troops out and cause some damage to his lines, before my inevitable defeat. I did manage to get some troops across the river but it was too little too late and the game ended 5 – 1 to Syracuse

2016-08-30 17.27.13

Game 3 – Bagradas

as we had lots of time we decided to play the next scenario which was Bagradas, an big battle that took place in 253 BC and one of the important battles in the 1st Punic war (full details here)


This was the biggest game we had played so far and had everything from Cavalry on the flanks to Elephants in the center. I played the Romans and really had my work cut out.

Here’s the board at the beginning, the game was played to 7 victory points but I only had a hand of 4 cards to oppose Marks 6.


2016-08-30 18.17.21

Mark started with a mass charge on both flanks moving his cavalry up, this allowed me to counter with a ‘Darken the Sky’ card so my light troops were able to counter this threat a bit


2016-08-30 18.23.49

and after

2016-08-30 18.27.13

this was followed up with a counter attack which pushed back the cavalry

2016-08-30 18.33.34

Mark charged again but I held out and secured my flank, but unfortunately I ended up with a lot of my light troops from the center now on the flank and a lot of dead Cavalry

2016-08-30 18.39.31

2016-08-30 18.45.24

then came the elephants, I managed to activate one of my generals and moved half my line forward but I learnt that elephants are nasty. Mark also learnt this when 2 of them routed back causing a few issues for his army.

2016-08-30 18.50.15

in the end Mark used his warriors units and his remaining cavalry to rout my army with a 7-6 victory to the Carthaginians

this was a fantastic scenario and was really nail biting till the end, but Mark is a smart player and whilst I got the early victory, the day belonged to him


2 Responses “Playing C&C Ancients”

  1. Avatar
    September 1, 2016 at 12:48 pm

    Nice write-up, thanks!

    I learned to hate Crimissos River. 😀

    • MikeH
      September 1, 2016 at 1:05 pm

      its a really interesting battle and one I want to learn more about. the thing I’m finding with this game is its introducing me to so much history I know very little about which is just fantastic

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