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April 22, 2021

Monolith Board Games LLC

News on the Conan Boardgame

Right before I start I have to say that I am a huge Conan fan, not so much of the films (although the original one was ok) but I love the books and regularly re-read them.

that being said it’ll come as no surprise to anyone that I spent a large part of 2014 following this thread on Lead Adventure and once the KS went live  in Jan 2015 I brought in heavily (very heavily)

The game was originally going to be released in October 2015 but delays happen and its now due to hit retail late November this year, with us backers getting the first wave in October. Personally I’m ok with the delay as the scope of the project is huge and stuff happens, but I know Monolith have had some upset backers (no surprise as some KS backers are professional moaners). If you backed the KS you had 2 options the first was the barbarian pledge which is the retail version, the second option is the King pledge, obviously I went in on the King pledge plus some extras.

a little while ago Monolith released an update on the KS page showing whats in the king pledge (see here)

here’s some images if you cant be bothered to click on the link

16779427df296dffdbef7054a07ede79_original ab41730bcf18bbe1fe0fdaa846201d12_original

we then had another update a week or so later showing the stretch goals that KS backers will get (that’s here)

and again some images from the update

14487718bdc52d91a8d552c9fc07d322_original db65eaecac852cbf4bc7d732c7e2f31d_original

and here’s everything from the King Pledge with the stretch goals


This last picture shows what you will receive if you pledged the King version: 2 huge boxes filled with 221 miniatures, 3 double-sided boards, 21 dice, 121 cards and lots of other stuff

The boxes are 31x43x11cm and weigh in at 4 kg for the King Pledge and 3 kg for the Stretch Goals

Monolith were at GenCon last month and had some review copies of the retail version that they made available to some companies, one of these was Bell of Lost Souls who have produced an unboxing video. I’m not going to comment on the guys who made the video as they obviously know nothing about the game or the universe, but in some ways its interesting to get a perspective on a game from someone who knows nothing about it.

one thing I do like about this video is its the first time we can really see the quality of the miniatures and I’m really impressed by them, considering they are single piece plastics they look pretty damn good.

also taken at GenCon was this 5 minute ‘learn to play’ video which shows the final retail version of the game and goes over the rules

whilst I was on YouTube I tracked down a few videos made in 2015 during the KS that give more info on the rules, first up the official Monolith video

next a review from Undead Viking

and finally a complete run through of the game by the monolith team


so just to warn you once this game arrives I will be posting a lot about it as it just looks fab


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