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February 26, 2021

Painting Progress – Royal Horse Artillery for Sharp Practice

I decided to add a bit more support to my British Peninsular war army for Sharp Practice and thought some dashing artillery would  be in order, and as everybody knows there are none more dashing then the RHA.

I had picked up a limber crew at the tabletop sale in Firestorm games in June so all I needed was some crew and a gun, one quick call to Wargames Foundry and they were in the post to me.

the Foundry pack has 6 figures which is perfect for Sharp Practice as you need 5 for the crew and the other one can act as a junior leader. 1 week later and hey presto the foot crew was finished

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These really are beautiful figures and they even had the braiding on the arms and back which made the painting really easy

OK, so the the next job was the Limber, when I brought it it was assembled and stuck to a plastic base


so the first job was to un-assemble it and clean up all the glue, then I had to find a new base. I decided to order a regimental base from warbases as the frame around the outside would add some strength without making the whole base too deep.

the painting didn’t take too long to complete and finally it was reassembled and based up on its new fancy base, I decided to leave the gun unglued to its base as this means I can swap guns around if I need to. The only problem I noticed is the crew mounted on the horses have Foot Artillery uniforms but Horse artillery heads which is a bit lazy and does spoil the final model a bit, I’m not sure why Foundry did this but it was a bit of a let down

EDIT ———————->

Just found out that RHA drivers had different uniforms to the gunners and these are the correct uniforms, thanks to Gareth from ADC painting for the info


Here’s the Limber without its gun



and here’s a few pictures with the gun

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and finally a group shot


I think I need a break from Napoleonics for a bit so maybe its time to tackle a new project (or rather finish off one of the older ones)



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